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free things to do vancouver
Nov 30, 2023

19 FREE Holiday Events to Add to Your Bucket List in Metro Vancouver

November 5, 2023

Stanley Park Once Had A Zoo And Here's What It Was Like

November 5, 2023

Vintage Photos Of Stanley Park From Over A Century Ago

November 5, 2023

Throwback: YVR Airport Then and Now

sea to sky highway 1957
Oct 29, 2023

Driving on the Sea to Sky Highway in the 50s Looked Like a Rocky Adventure

Sea to Sky Highway is known as scenic cliffside drive showcasing “Beautiful B.C.” It’s interesting to see it through the eyes o...

Haunted Waterfront Station
Oct 15, 2023

5 Ghost Stories From One of BC's Most Haunted Buildings: Waterfront Station

Despite its relatively young age, Vancouver’s buildings have plenty of history to tell and Waterfront Station is no exception. First built ...

english bay pier
Aug 28, 2023

English Bay Once Had A Pier But Here's What Happened To It

How surprised would you be to learn that there was once a pier at English Bay? As a matter of fact, there were 2 piers. Up until the 1950s, one...

Othello Tunnels
Jul 2, 2023

The History Behind The Othello Tunnels

Perhaps you’ve recognized them from Rambo: First Blood, Cabin In The Woods, or just seen them on a “Vancouver Must-Do” list. E...

cherry blossom madness
Apr 19, 2023

This Instagram Account Captures People Going Crazy For Cherry Blossoms

Please note: If you are visiting residential streets, please be kind and remember these are peoples’ homes. Try your best to stay off residenti...

Lions Gate Bridge
Mar 28, 2023

A Look Back At The Iconic Lions Gate Bridge Being Built VS. Now

The Lions Gate Bridge, opened in 1938, officially known as the First Narrows Bridge, is a suspension bridge that crosses the first narrows of Bur...

Jan 30, 2023

604 Now Launches New Website To Offer an Enhanced Experience to Metro Vancouver Residents

VANCOUVER, BC – 604 Now, a leading online source of news, events, and lifestyle information for the Metro Vancouver region, is proud to ann...

Pacific National Exhibition
Aug 18, 2022

12 Vintage Photos Of The Pacific National Exhibition From 80s

Visiting the Pacific National Exhibition has been an annual tradition for many families for over a century now. The highly-anticipated event retu...

Probating a will In BC
Feb 16, 2022

4 Things You Need To Know About Probating a Will In BC, According To A Lawyer

Many people seem to shrug off estate planning, thinking it’s something they only need to worry about once they start building a family or once ...

ai vancouver
Feb 2, 2022

Vancouver Homeowners Can Save Up To $17,000 on Heat Pumps With These Rebates

Heat pumps are a heating and cooling system installed outside your home. Similar to an air conditioner, it can cool your home, but it’s also ca...

appliance experts repair
Jan 19, 2022

5 Things Vancouver Appliance Experts Wish You Knew

Getting new appliances is typically a fun and exciting moment. There is a grand allure of updating your home with the latest technology to do all...

run down vancouver house
Jan 19, 2022

This Vancouver Run Down Is Listed for $11 Million and People Are Confused

How much would you pay for a tear-down property? In most cities, you’d think these houses aren’t worth much, but in Vancouver it coul...