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Pacific Inn Resort / paranormal tours
Mar 20, 2023

Surrey's Iconic Pink Hotel Was Just Listed For Sale

October 2, 2022

This Mansion Is Considered One Of The Most Haunted Places In Vancouver

July 29, 2022

This City Nestled Between Two Lakes Has One Of BC's Most Affordable Lifestyles

March 24, 2022

People Are Now Spending $70K Over Asking For Mobile Homes in Coquitlam

Probating a will In BC
Mar 17, 2022

Here's The Average Rent Price in Every Vancouver Neighbourhood Right Now

Someone looking to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver this spring should consider the average price of solitude is $2,200. No you are not ...

Canada’s Most Expensive Penthouse For Sale in Vancouver At $59-Million
Mar 2, 2022

Vancouver Is Home to Canada's Most Expensive Condo and It's Listed for $49M

Penthouse views are hard to put a price tag on, especially if the property sits on an oceanfront in Vancouver. Imagine a gorgeous backdrop of mou...

Probating a will In BC
Feb 16, 2022

4 Things You Need To Know About Probating a Will In BC, According To A Lawyer

Many people seem to shrug off estate planning, thinking it’s something they only need to worry about once they start building a family or once ...

swiss village
Feb 10, 2022

You Can Buy This BC Swiss Village With 6 Homes For $2.3M

In the town of Golden B.C. sits a Swiss village of hundred year old houses that look like time forgot them.  All this could change as the curren...

ai vancouver
Feb 2, 2022

Vancouver Homeowners Can Save Up To $17,000 on Heat Pumps With These Rebates

Heat pumps are a heating and cooling system installed outside your home. Similar to an air conditioner, it can cool your home, but it’s also ca...

Surrey Townhome
Feb 1, 2022

This Surrey Townhome Was Just Sold For $310K Over Asking

A Surrey townhome in Fleetwood, sat on the market for only seven days before selling $310,000 over the asking price. The four bedroom corner town...

appliance experts repair
Jan 19, 2022

5 Things Vancouver Appliance Experts Wish You Knew

Getting new appliances is typically a fun and exciting moment. There is a grand allure of updating your home with the latest technology to do all...

run down vancouver house
Jan 19, 2022

This Vancouver Run Down Is Listed for $11 Million and People Are Confused

How much would you pay for a tear-down property? In most cities, you’d think these houses aren’t worth much, but in Vancouver it coul...

Garibaldi at Squamish
Jan 19, 2022

This New $3.5 Billion Resort Will Be Less Than Two Hours Away From Vancouver

A new and improved Garibaldi at Squamish is in the works. And from the sounds of it, the new digs will be well worth the wait. The existing ski r...

vancouvver skyline home rent buy
Jan 17, 2022

Vancouver Named Canada's Most Expensive City For One + Two Bedroom Rentals

Surprise, surprise, average monthly rent in Vancouver has risen once again. According to Rentals.ca and Bullpen Research & Consulting, the av...

Burnaby mountain view
Jan 5, 2022

Here's How Much Property Values Spiked Across Lower Mainland Cities

Since the start of the pandemic, home values have fluctuated dramatically across a number of areas in Metro Vancouver and B.C. This is reflected ...

Whistler Chalet
Dec 31, 2021

Inside A $7.5M Mountainside Chalet In Whistler, British Columbia

This might be the most British Columbian home we’ve covered, as it’s a mountainside chalet in Whistler, surrounded by trees and snow,...