37 Things You Must Do In Metro Vancouver Before You Die

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Metro Vancouver is brimming with things to do and see all year round. While many people claim that the city is boring, there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy.

So, whether you like to keep things relaxed or go on a brisk hike, Vancouver will keep you busy from sun up to sun down. Actually, the city is notorious for rain, so sunshine is not guaranteed. Nevertheless, we’ve complied a list of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy in the lower mainland all year long.


Things To Do In Vancouver 

Go Celebrity Spotting

Things To Do / Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Day

Photo: @MayorGregor / Twitter

Of course, some celebrities are notoriously low-key, and meeting them is nearly in possible; however some of them are shockingly easy to meet. One such person is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, whom the city positively adores for his amicable persona and approachability. And, he’s not the only one. In fact, there are a number of eateries where celebrities are known to frequent. These spots should be high on your radar if you want to see someone famous!

Go Orca Spotting

Forget celebrities, there’s nothing like spotting a Killer Whale in its natural domain. These breathtaking marine mammals make their way right up close to the shore in many areas, and you don’t need to go on a fancy excursion to spot them. With that being said, there are numerous companies that will guide you to see them.

Go Standup Paddle Boarding

Things To Do

Looking for things to do on the water? Try stand-up paddle boarding in any of Vancouver’s main beaches like Jericho or Kitsilano. Alternatively, try out Coal Harbour for a chic downtown vibe on the ocean. ,

Eat At Dark Table

Things To Do

Photo: Dark Table / Facebook

Without the sense of sight, the senses of touch, taste, hearing and smell are intensified, allowing a new perception of reality. In addition, the servers at Dark Table either blind or visually impaired, so they are skilled at navigating the darkness. Bon appetit!

Stargaze at the HR MacMillan Space Centre

Things To Do

Photo: Ryan Russell / 604 Now Flickr Pool

Aside from inspiring and educating inquisitive Vancouverities, the space centre offers an aesthetically appealing allure. The shows are fascinating and beautiful, and tons of fun.

Take a Spooky Gastown Walking Tour

Designed for adults, the Lost Souls of Gastown walking tour is also a marvelous theatre piece. The plot weaves through back streets and alleyways to a dramatic finale in the heart of Gastown’s Maple Tree Square.

Paint Over Cocktails

Night Painting / Things To Do

Photo: Paint Nite Vancouver / Facebook

While there are myriad ways to enjoy a night out in Vancouver, night painting is undoubtedly one of the most creative. In addition, is it a great indoor activity during the chilly winter months.

Stroll Around New Westminster Pier

Things To Do

This breathtaking pier is perfect for a date or a walk with friends. What’s more, it even has an adorable Tin Man soaring above the pier that is great for photographs.  Nothing quite complete the trip like locking up a love lock along the waterfront. Also, there are myriad places to eat and enjoy ice cream in the summer. Visiting the waterfront pier is one of the best things to do in New Westminster during the summer.

Eat Fancy Dessert Late at Night

Late Night Dessert Vancouver / Things To Do

Photo: Thierry | Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe / Facebook

There are a number of places to grab dessert in Vancouver, but not all over them are open that late. Moreover, not all of them are really all that good. We’ve compiled a list of the best spots to satisfy your sweet tooth all night long. So whether you love cheesecake or chocolate mouse, there’s something for you.

Explore the Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market / Things To Do

This iconic market offers tons of vendors selling clothes, jewelry, electronics, and art pieces. The food is also the perfect reason to go – with tons of options to satisfy your cravings. Come summer, visiting the night market is one of the best things to do in Richmond.

Bowl in the Dark

Burnaby / Things To Do

Photo: REVS Burnaby Bowling Centre / Facebook

Bowling brings people together over drinks, food, laughter, and the general silliness of it all. Throw in that some of these alleys are glow in the dark, and it isn’t hard to see why people can’t get enough of the sport. Hit up Rev’s (Burnaby and Maple Ridge) on a Friday night for cosmic bowling ($6-7 per person per game). Grandview Bowling (Vancouver) has a 3-game special for $17 per person.

Swim in an Oceanfront Pool

Kitsilano pool / Things To Do

Photo: Clayton Perry Photoworks / Flickr

While the beach is appealing, sometimes all the sand and the trek simply aren’t in the cards. From heated to saltwater, to hidden and luxurious, we’ve got a list of some of the best outdoor pools in B.C. complied here.

Drive-In To A Movie Theatre

Drive-In Movie Theatre - Langley Twilight Drive-In Movie Schedule 2016 / Things To Do

There’s nothing more nostalgia-induing than the drive-in theatre. A blanket of stars and the silver screen hail times long past, and feel purely magical during the summer. Forget the indoors, this Langley spot is the perfect place for a romantic date.

Go for a Hike

British Columbia /Things To Do

One of the top things to do in the city is visit the mountains. With some of the most scenic views in the world, Vancouver hikes are always worth the sweat. Whether you are out for the Grouse Grind, the Stawamus Chief, or something a little easier, be sure to wear appropriate footwear and get out of the woods as night falls – many popular hikes share space with bears and cougars.

Go Shopping on Robson Street

Things To Do

Photo: jennchanphotography / Flickr

No matter where you go, shopping is always on everyone’s list of things to do. Even if you’re simply window shopping, there’s all kinds of things to see downtown. What’s more, you can make a meal out of food carts, and some of them are delectable.

Eat An 18-Inch Sushi Roll

sushi roll / Things To Do

Photo: @chouchoueats / Instagram

Besides the fact that sushi is delicious, conquering an 18 inch sushi roll is a claim to fame that few hold. Make yourself an instant legend by eating this sushi monster in Burnaby.

Eat World-Class Poutine

Things To Do

Photo: Shelby L. Bell / Flickr

Not sure what kind of poutine you’re in the mood for? Not sure what kind of ambiance you are looking for? No problem! Vancouver has a poutine tickle for every fancy. Mexican poutine, vegetarian poutine, pizza poutine – Vancouver has got you covered. Let’s not forget “Monster Poutine.” Fries dripping with house-made mushroom gravy, shaved prime rib, sautéed onion, mushroom, cheese curds, and a sunny side up egg. Yep, that’s a thing.

Play Giant Jenga Over Cocktails

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Right in the heart of Gastown, Guilt and Company serves up nightly live music and a plethora of delectable, inspired cocktails. They also offer a wide selection of board games (including Giant Jenga, which can be set up in the back room).

Laugh Until It Hurts at a Comedy Club

Things To Do

Photo: the Comedy MIX / Facebook

Yes, it’s nice when the Trevor Noahs, Chris Rocks, and Bill Burrs of the world swing by, but Vancouver is home to many insanely hilarious comedians all year round. With a plethora of places to check them out, including Laffline Comedy Club, the Comedy Mix and Yuk Yuks, there’s always a place to get your laugh on in the city!

Stroll around Granville Island

Granville Island / Things To Do

Photo: Ashley Murphy / Flickr

From the farmers market to the open ocean, Granville Island is a feast for the senses. Packed with artisanal cheeses and a range of herbs, to fresh seafood and fluffy pastries, this Sunday stroll may leave you feeling more full than when you left!

Elevate Your Musical Experience at the Orchestra

Things To Do

Photo: Vancouver Symphony Orchestra / Facebook

Take in the elegant stylings at this beautiful venue for a sophisticated outing. Your earbuds can enjoy a range of shows, many featuring contemporary pieces while others capture the classical ones.

See Some Live Music

Live Music In Vancouver / Things To Do

Photo: The Lobby Lounge at Fairmont Pacific Rim / Facebook

Known for great live music, the city is home to some established performers as well as up-and-comers. Immerse yourself in the delicate stylings of a pianist over a meal or go for something more lively at a fun Irish bar.

Get Lost in Stanley Park

BC / Things To Do

Photo: Lisa Nixon / 604 Now Flickr Pool

Touted as the nicest park in North America, this giant wonderland is home to some of the most naturally gorgeous views in the world. Enjoy a simple stroll or go for a long hike in this pristine oasis.

Take in VanDusen Botanical Garden

Game Of Thrones / Things To Do

Photo: VanDusen Wikipedia

Take in the pristine floral artistry at Van Dusen Botanical Garden. Get lost in the Elizabethan-style maze and enjoy the myriad colourful flowers and plant life. Depending on time of year, admission is $8-$11 per person.

Ice Skating in Robson Square

Free Things In Vancouver / Things To Do

Photo: Clayton Perry Photoworks / Flickr

Robson Square provides free skates daily for a few months during the winter. Located hear of downtown Vancouver, the rink rents skates for $4, but people are welcome to bring their own instead. What’s more, the rink is open late, until 9 pm, so people are able to use the rink for dates or late night skates with pals. Also, the rink has concessions near by in case you would like a snack or something to drink.

Go Bungee Jumping in Whistler

Things To Do

Phone: Tourism Whistler

Whistler offers this phenomenal winter experience for aficionados of the activity, or for those who are taking the leap for the first time. Surrounded by old-growth forests, it is British Columbia’s highest year-round bungee jumping venue featuring a 50 meter drop.

Watch the Fireworks Downtown

team canada celebration of light / Things To Do

Photo: Dons Projects / 604 Now Flickr Pool

Fireworks are great anywhere, but set against the stunning backdrop of Vancouver’s coastline? Those are simply spectacular. Be sure to catch the sky fiesta up close and personal this summer at the annual Celebration of Light.

Kiss a Kitten at the Catfe

Sneak Peek Inside Vancouver’s First Cat Cafe (Photos) / Things To Do

The café allows cat enthusiasts to grab a coffee and get in some much needed kitty time. They also work with the SPCA to match felines with their ideal human companions – awe!

Visit An Adorable Alpaca Farm

Alpaca Farm / Things To Do

Photo: Kensington Prairie Farm / Facebook

Residents and visitors of Metro Vancouver can enjoy the company of these cute creatures by visiting the Kensington Prairie Farm in Langley, British Columbia. The alpaca farm is home to a large herd of  inquisitive creatures that are sure to steal hearts. Before you drop in for a visit, however, you should call to arrange a tour.

Race Electric Go-Karts

Things To Do

Photo: Speeders Vancouver / Facebook

While these are still go karts, they can actually reach speeds of up to 75 km per hour. Further, they offer cutting edge technology; a split axle with a differential provides the best cornering. Forget a boring hang with friends rev the engine of an electric go-kart for some heart-pumping fun!

Visit Science World

Science World / Things To Do

Ted McGrath / 604 Now Flickr Pool

Physically dynamic and stunning, this amazing centre boasts some of the most immerse learning facilities available. It’s also incredibly fun, and the perfect way to spend a day. While it is still lots of fun during the day, it is very crowded with families and classrooms. In order to beat the crowds, Science World offers After Dark – adult only evenings that take place every 2 months. You can unleash your inner child without having to circumnavigate large packs of children, and it will be a very memorable night.

See a Canucks Game

Vancouver Nightlife / Things To Do

Photo: Vancouver Canucks / Facebook

Vancouver may be notorious for hopping on and off the Vancouver Canucks bandwagon, but one thing is for certain: this hockey franchise is a huge part of the city. While they may not always win, the games are incredibly fun. Furthermore, the food and beer are simply delicious.

Sing Karaoke with Pals

Vancouver Karaoke / Things To Do

Photo: The Pub 340 / Facebook

If singing is on your list of things to do, karaoke brings out the musical best and worst in people, but it is always entertaining. In addition, Vancouver has some of the best karaoke hosts and venues, so you’ll be sure to have an amazing time.

Visit the Vancouver Art Gallery

BC / Things To Do

Photo: Rodefeld / Flickr

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, this impressive facility boasts a number of classic and contemporary artwork. It also holds an impressive calendar of exhibits, with some of the greatest artwork in the world making its way through the space. In addition, the gallery hosts a number of events, and some include adults only nights with wine and beer.

See A Wacky Burlesque Show

Burlesque Shows / Things To Do

Photo: Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society / Facebook

While traditional burlesque is a ton of fun, these shows are truly unique. Incorporating comedy, acting, and choreography, these performances are extremely impressive. What’s more, there’s a theme and genre to suit just about everyone. Whether you love Alice Cooper, Disney princesses, or even Pee-Wee Herman, there’s something you’ll love. From The Rio Theatre to the Screaming Chicken Theatrical society, Vancouver makes burlesque a legendary exhibition.

Visit the Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium / Things To Do

Photo: Vancouver Aquarium

Not only does the aquarium house a litany of adorable sea creatures, but it is also an innovative and immerse learning environment. Visiting their facility in Stanley Park is one of the top things to do for many tourists.

Bike the Seawall

Things To Do

Photo: Mark Faviell Photos / Flickr

The seawall is one of the most breathtaking parts of Vancouver and an absolute must on anyone’s list of things to do in the city. There’s nothing better than a bike ride along the seawall to take in this jaw-dropping waterfront view. You can bring your own bike or rent one from one of the many shops in the area. If biking is not your thing, try rollerblading or just go for a nice leisurely walk along the water.

Is there anything we can add to our guide of things to do? Let us know in the comments below!

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