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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Charms Vancouver Fans In Adorable Greeting (Video)

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Photo: Dwayne The Rock Johnson / Facebook

The Rock is currently shooting his latest film, Skyscraper, in Vancouver.

But when he isn’t busy on set, he’s keeps himself occupied by meeting rounds of adoring fans. He’s already expressed his love for Vancouver in many videos and a touching Instagram post.

A recent video on one of the megastar’s latest Instagram posts features him meeting a group of fans after filming a 14 hour day on set.

He starts off sounding fairly agitated, and it seems like he’s genuinely upset; however, it’s all an adorable act.

As soon as he steps out of his vehicle his smile breaks into a glowing, charismatic grin. He greets his fans warmly and immediately starts to film a baby at the front of the crowd.

In a second video he carries speaking about how he’s a jerk and doesn’t like his fans, but he’s clearly joking around. He picks up a baby in front of the crowd and gets the camera to film the crowd as they happily chant and cheer.

While there is no doubt that Vancouverites love Dwayne Johnson, it seems that the loveable actor is just as fond of his Vancouver fans. The Rock is also a proud dual citizen, as he has both Canadian and American roots.

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