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Biking The Stanley Park Seawall; What You Need To Know

Biking The Stanley Park Seawall Guide

Ready, set, bike!

It’s officially summer, which means; longer days, sunny weather, and there’s no excuses not to go outside and get active.

When it comes to biking in Vancouver—nothing beats the Stanley Park seawall. The seawall provides scenic views all around and is a great way to spend a summer day.

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The seawall stretches from the Vancouver Convention Centre to Spanish Banks, offering 9 kilometers of paved paths to explore. The path is an easy ride, as there’s minimal elevation.

We’ve created a guide on all things biking in Stanley Park, for you to keep in mind when you go.

Stanley Park Seawall Biking Map


Best Times To Go

During the summer season, the seawall can become quite congested with people. If you’re looking for a more leisurely bike ride, then go early in the morning or later in the evening. The afternoon is generally when it’s at its peak.

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Bike Rentals Near Stanley Park

If you need to rent out a bike or other equipment, there are plenty of great shops in Vancouver. Use our handy guide.

Rentals range in price depending on the type (hybrid, cruiser, cross trail, and even tandem bikes). You can rent them out by the hour, afternoon (3-6 hours), or a full day.


  • Head counter-clockwise on the seawall / bike path from wherever you start. The ideal starting point is near the Coal Harbour entrance to Stanley Park, with the end point being English Bay beach.
  • Cyclists must bike along the inside lane of the seawall, with inline skaters. Walkers and joggers use the outside lane, which is closest to the water.
  • If you’d like to stop and take some pictures or soak in the view, you must move off to the side to not obstruct those behind you.
  • Be sure to keep to the right when you’re not passing people. If you’d like to pass, move to the left.
  • Helmets are required by law in the City of Vancouver. Fines for not wearing a helmet are $29.
  • Bicycle bells are also mandatory as they help alert others if you need to pass.


For more information on biking the Stanley Park seawall, check out their website.

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