Best Dishes To Indulge In At The Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market Food

Another tell-tale sign that summer is on it’s way, is when the beloved Richmond Night Market opens it’s arms to those near and far seeking dim sum staples, carny faves and classic night market cuisine seen around the world. To top it up, you’ll find up-and-coming food artists showing off new ways to indulge our taste buds.

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Must Try Food at the Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market Food

Deep Fried Squid – Sweet Chilli

Deep fried squid from ‘Big Beard Super BBQ’. A popular option to start off your night. These tentacles are cooked to perfection with a slightly crunchy batter and succulent squid tentacles on the inside as a result. They offer different flavours to please all, so you don’t even have to share!

Richmond Night Market Food

It’s All About Grill

Kebabs over a charbroiled grill are the epitome of a summer dish, and what a better way to start than grabbing a few skewers to share from ‘It’s All About Grill’. Not a meat lover, don’t worry, they have seafood options too!

Richmond Night Market Food

Fries and Things – Cheddar Fries

French fries! A beloved finger food for most people, these guys from ‘Fries and Things’ know how to turn up this classic favourite by adding a punch full of flavour. Seasoned just right, choose amongst bold flavours like kimchi fries to the tried-tested-and-true cheese fries!

Richmond Night Market Food

Oysters and Scallops BBQ

If you love oysters, check out ‘Oysters and Scallops BBQ’. Trust me when I say, they are cookin’ up a storm!

Richmond Night Market Food


After all that food, why not go to ‘Rainbulb’? A fun spin on a cola drink surely to grab the attention of passerby’s. Bright idea, right!

Richmond Night Market Food


A Richmond Night Market fan favourite! Potato’s gone wild!

Richmond Night Market Food

Yummy Boon Thai – Tom Yum Noodle Soup

“What’s your most popular dish?”, I asked at ‘Yummy Boon Thai’. The lady with confidence says, “Spring rolls and pad thai.” What do I do?? GO AGAINST IT OF COURSE and order the Tom Yum Soup with Noodle (It was cold okay and pad thai wasn’t going to cut it). Best booth by all means the whole night; this bowl of soup was packed with a tonne of flavour and had a little bit of everything you needed from carbs to protein to delicious soup.

Richmond Night Market Food

Octopus Takoyaki

A classic night market dish that can be found in other night markets around the world, takoyaki is a must-try if you haven’t had it before. These Japanese ball-shaped snacks are warm and crispy on the outside, with a smooth and gooey center of your choosing. In addition, it’s topped with takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise and dried bonito for a beautiful presentation.

Richmond Night Market Food

Tabetai Tacos – Soft shell crab

It’s actually too beautiful to eat, ‘Tabetai Tacos’ take tacos to a whole new level with an asian inspired twist. With quality ingredients mixed together and presented beautifully at a reasonable price, you definitely do not want to miss this booth.

Smoking Mocktails

Another show stopper, ‘Smoking Mocktail’s’ is serving sweet flavours to go with your food.

Mini Fried Skewers – fried Pork and Mushroom

Who doesn’t like cute things? Check out ‘Mini Fried Skewer’ booth for a take on your traditional kebab’s but miniature style!

Japanese Fish Waffle

A fun dessert option is the Taiyaki (Japanese fish waffle) which is a classic street vendor snack in Japan. By all means try the traditional red been filling, or go bold with the Kit-Kat filling with a dollop of icecream on top.

Baobar – Matcha Green Tea

A sweet rendition on the savory bao bun, ‘Baobar’ has it right with an ice cream filling for the inside coupled with a light and crispy sweet bun to hold it all in. Try their most popular which is the matcha green tea!

Sawadika – Thai Fried Ice Cream

An east asian method of ice cream preparation, ‘Sawadika Thailand Fried Ice Cream’ beautifully recreates this dessert right in front of your eyes by pouring milk over an iced grill and hammering and stirring the mixture until it slowly freezes together and solidifies into sheets. Choose from your topics and flavours to really make it special.

Sippy Tea

A creative way to have your TEA and COFFEE mix, ‘Sippy Tea’ with it’s beautiful booth, will have you mesmerized with their doggy-bag style beverage to go. Choose from flavours like Jasmine Tea or London Fog or try something equally unique like Thai Coconut or Chai Coconut.

Cotton Candy

Last but not least, grab a carny favourite for your ride home.

Open from May 12 to October 9, you’ll have all summer to see what this market has to offer. Make an evening out of with your family or grab a couple of your friends for that summer hangout.


Share your favourite Richmond Night Market experience(s) with us below!

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