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white rock sandcastle
Jun 16, 2023

White Rock Used To Host Epic Sandcastle Competitions Every Summer

Captivating photos have emerged, showcasing colossal sand sculptures at White Rock beach. These awe-inspiring images transport us back to the era...

closed metro vancouver restaurants
Mar 28, 2023

Closed Metro Vancouver Restaurants You Still Miss Today

There have been so many great restaurants that have come and gone in the Vancouver area and some we still hold near and dear in our hearts long a...

Lions Gate Bridge
Mar 28, 2023

A Look Back At The Iconic Lions Gate Bridge Being Built VS. Now

The Lions Gate Bridge, opened in 1938, officially known as the First Narrows Bridge, is a suspension bridge that crosses the first narrows of Bur...

white christmas
Dec 24, 2022

The Last Time Vancouver Had A White Christmas

A white Christmas is so rare in Vancouver that in the last twenty years, we’ve only experienced it on three occasions. However, the majority of...

Fraser River Frozen
Dec 8, 2022

The Last Time The Fraser River Froze Over

There’s no doubt that it’s freezing out there. With the first White Christmas in a decade and a cold snap that has beaten records, it...

fort langley
Sep 10, 2022

The History of Fort Langley

Fort Langley, also known as the ‘Birthplace of BC,’ began life as a trading post of the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1827 — making...

Sep 5, 2022

10 Photos Of Zellers That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

For many Canadians growing up in the 80s and 90s, Zellers was a store frequented for household goods at an affordable price. You may recall the l...

Pacific National Exhibition
Aug 18, 2022

12 Vintage Photos Of The Pacific National Exhibition From 80s

Visiting the Pacific National Exhibition has been an annual tradition for many families for over a century now. The highly-anticipated event retu...

Bralorne and Bradian
Aug 12, 2022

This Abandoned BC Ghost Town May Come Back To Life

Take the road less travelled by exploring BC’s abandoned ghost towns of Bralorne and Bradian, which just may come back to life. Discover th...

Vancouver weather forecast
Jul 31, 2022

5 Weird Facts About Stanley Park That You Probably Didn't Know About

Stanley Park is one of Vancouver’s most iconic places. Beguiling visitors from far and wide every year, it showcases the natural beauty tha...

May 31, 2022

Rare Footage of Vancouver's Expo 86 Will Leave You With Nostalgic Memories

No World Fair has ever been as iconic as Vancouver’s Expo 86. We offer you a trip down memory lane with this rare footage of Expo 86, the l...

vancouverites miss
Apr 8, 2022

17 Vancouver Businesses We All Miss And Want To Bring Back From The Dead

Businesses offer goods and services for money, to that extent they aren’t really your friend. That doesn’t stop people from developin...