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“Getting Screwed”: 19-Year-Old Student Leads Protest Outside ICBC HQ

ICBC Auto Insurance

If you heard a lot of honking in North Vancouver Friday afternoon, it might’ve been a show of support by drivers for a protest that was happening outside ICBC headquarters.

The protest was led by Austin Kovacs, a 19-year-old student from Kamloops who made the trip to Metro Vancouver specifically to protest ICBC. He was joined by two others.

“There’s so many personal stories of people getting screwed over, so we’re out here to protest”, Kovacs told Global News.

Recent data from the General Insurance Statistical Agency show that not only do B.C. residents pay extremely high insurance premiums, those premiums are the highest in the nation.

British Columbians have no delusions when it comes to who to blame for this reality: ICBC.

ICBC’s monopoly in British Columbia is well-known. Most people know, on some level, that it’s a problem.

As Kovacs points out to Global News, insurance bills can get upwards of $6,000.

That’s a lot for students.

“As a university student I don’t have the biggest income, and driving, insurance, most of my money goes to insurance, even when I have no accidents and a clean record”, he said.

Recently, BC Attorney General David Eby tried to introduce new legislation that would save ICBC almost $400 million. The Supreme Court ruled it “unconstitutional.”

There’s reason to believe that many feel that way about ICBC’s monopoly and the company itself.

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