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Howard Chai

Thurlow Street Condo (4)
Sep 4, 2020

Inside The Most Expensive Luxury Condo In Downtown Vancouver

The most expensive condo in Metro Vancouver is where you’re probably expecting it to be: downtown Vancouver. It’s located in the Thre...

Coronavirus In BC - Facts And What We Don't Know
Feb 4, 2020

2nd Coronavirus Case In BC Confirmed, But Risk Likely Still Remains Low

BC health officials have confirmed a second case of the coronavirus after the first case was confirmed a week ago on January 28th. Yesterday, in ...

Environment Canada Vancouver Snowfall Warning - Vancouver Weather Forecast
Feb 4, 2020

5 To 20 cm of Heavy Wet Snow In Metro Vancouver Expected By Tomorrow

The snow is back, and it looks like it’s planning on staying the rest of the day in Metro Vancouver, according to Environment Canada. A sno...

Wuhan Novel Coronavirus Misinformation
Feb 3, 2020

The Spread of Misinformation & Fear Is More Dangerous Than The Coronavirus Itself

The Wuhan Coronavirus continues to dominate headlines around the globe, but as the virus continues to spread, the spread of misinformation has al...

Hotel Belmont - The Living Room (3)
Jan 31, 2020

The Living Room At Vancouver's Hotel Belmont: Go, But You'll Want To Stay

The Hotel Belmont in Vancouver is home to The Den, The Basement, and The Kitchen, but The Living Room will likely be where you’ll want to s...

February 2020 New Movies - Birds of Prey
Jan 31, 2020

February 2020 Film Preview: The 5 Must-See New Movies This Month

The first month of 2020 is in the books, and February is bringing us another solid batch of new movies. Here’s some that should be on your ...

Places To Watch Super Bowl LIV Metro Vancouver
Jan 30, 2020

8 Places In Metro Vancouver Where You Can Watch This Year's Super Bowl

Whether you’re interested in it for the football or the commercials, Super Bowl Sunday is arguably the biggest sporting events every single yea...

World Health Organization Declares Wuhan Coronavirus A Global Emergency
Jan 30, 2020

W.H.O. Declares Coronavirus A Global Emergency: Here's What That Really Means

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the novel Wuhan Coronavirus a global emergency, after being hesitant to do so last week. The ann...

City of Surrey Doug McCallum vs. Uber, Lyft, Ride-Hailing
Jan 30, 2020

The City of Surrey vs. Uber, Lyft, & Ride-Hailing: A Complete Timeline

The war between the City of Surrey, specifically Mayor Doug McCallum, and ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft continues to escalate, but it̵...

David Eby ICBC - Fairness Office
Jan 30, 2020

In ICBC We Trust: BC Government To Open "Fairness Office" To Keep ICBC In Check

ICBC isn’t exactly the most trusted business entity in British Columbia, and the BC government is creating a Fairness Office in hopes of ch...

Original Cannabis Cafe California Weed Restaurant
Jan 29, 2020

A Look At America's First Weed Restaurant: The Original Cannabis Cafe

The Original Cannabis Cafe may have opened in California and not here in British Columbia, but something tells us that some Vancouverites would b...

Richmond Centre Parking Lot Lunar New Year Fight Video
Jan 29, 2020

Fight Club-Esque Fight In Richmond Parking Lot Caught By Dashcam

It was the Lunar New Year, but apparently some people in Richmond weren’t in a particularly celebratory mood. Dashcam footage, shared to Yo...