12 Of The Best Places For People With a Sweet Tooth in Metro Vancouver

Boca Grande Donut Shop sweet treats

If you have a sweet tooth or crave something sugary once in a while (or a lot, no judgement), there are more options than you can name across Metro Vancouver.

Everywhere you look there are ample stores with treats, bakeries, donuts, and beverages serving up unique flavours that satisfy that need for a good dessert.

We are rounding up some of our staff favourites. Check out to see how many you’ve eaten at!

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Bakeries and Cafes

BjornBar Bakery

bjornbar bakery coquitlam

Photo: @bjornbarbakery / Instagram

There are multiple locations for this bar-focused treat shop, with the newest one being in Burquitlam. BjornBar has 30 different options of gourmet bars, with unique flavours such as S’mores, Candy Cane and Gingerbread.

Locations: 3053 Edgemont Blvd #102C, North Vancouver & 581 Clarke Rd #111, Coquitlam

Small Victory

best coffee shops in vancouver

Photo: @foodcomaislife

This bakery has truly taken off in recent years, started in Vancouver and now has multiple locations open across the Lower Mainland. Small Victory is known for daily fresh baked items such as bread, hot cross buns, brioche, tarts and so much more. This bakery also hosts an entire menu for brunch and lunch, and they take orders for cakes as well.

Locations: 1088 Homer St, Vancouver; 3070 Granville St, Vancouver & 4580 Brentwood Blvd #1214, Burnaby

Minus Cake Boutique

minus boutique

Photo: @bitesofvancouver/Instagram

If you cannot decide between a sweet beverage and cake, this place lets you have both… at the same time. Minus Cake Boutique became trending for their ‘Minus Cup” which lets you get your choice of drink topped off with your favourite cake. It’s a treat for the eyes and the mouth.

Location: 3615 Kingsway, Vancouver

Punk Rock Pastries

punk rock pastries burnaby bakery

Photo: @punkrockpastries / Instagram

This Burnaby bakery is unique and fun. Punk Rock Pastries is whipping up some of the funkiest treats around. They even won a challenge on Food Network Canada. The line-up includes a selection of cookie pies, brownies, vegan treats, cupcakes and donuts. What they are known for are the “weird treats” like “unicorn poop,” as well as teeny tiny pun cakes.

Location: 5548 Hastings St, Burnaby

Donut Shops

Hillcrest Bakery & Deli

Hillcrest Bakery

Photo: Hillcrest Bakery

This White Rock bakery has a delicious selection of must-try gourmet donuts for only $2.95 each. Some of their best sellers includes: Strawberry Supreme, Oreo, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Chocolate Lovers, Maple Walnut, and Winter Chai Chocolate. Each bite is bound to be absolutely mouth-watering.

Lee’s Donuts

Lee's donuts sweet treats

Photo: @fatpantsforever / Instagram

Lee’s Donuts is a bit of a celebrity brand in Vancouver, and for good reason. Their donuts are soft, delicious and there are always new flavours being created seasonally. It’s so good the Lee’s decided to open up a pop-up shop in Langley to try their cake donuts. More donuts for everyone!

Locations: 1689 Johnston St, Vancouver & 19705 Fraser Hwy, Langley

Boca Grande Donut Shop

Boca Grande Donut Shop sweet treats

Photo: @bocagrandedonutshop / Instagram

This creative donut shop may as well be known as the “Voodoo Doughnuts” of the North. Boca Grande Donut Shop gets wild with their creations. They have things like maple bacon, peaches n cream, chai sugar, and so much more. However, their most popular items are Superstar (banana glaze and chocolate chips), Cereal Killa (white icing with a mix of your favourite cereals) and Netflix n Chill (butter glaze with salted and buttered popcorn that is topped off with dulce de leche).

Location: 106-4841 Delta St, Delta

Doughnut Love

coquitlam doughnuts

Photo: @doughnutlove.ca / Instagram

This doughnut shop in Coquitlam that is getting a lot of love, as people would travel to try these treats. The shop specializes specifically on gourmet flavours such as using real ganache, cinnamon brioche, malted milk chocolate chips and more. There are signature options as well as 6 other doughnuts being rotated each month.

Location: 1655 Como Lake Ave #107, Coquitlam



Photo: @siimoncalas / IG

If you love mochi and mini donuts, you need to go to Mochido in Vancouver. It is the first of its kind in the city to offer up such a delectable treat, by using specialized equipment to create the classic pon de ring donut shape. The mochi donuts come in a variety of must-try flavours, including favourites like matcha, black sesame and milk tea.

Location: 8811 Laurel St #107, Vancouver

Unique Sweet Treats

Dank Mart

dank mart robson

Photo: @dank.mart / Instagram

Sometimes you just want some candy, but not just any average candy… novelty hard to find candy, or something from the past. Dank Mart has built a reputation for offering nostalgic treats like Dunkaroos, or a vast collection of cereals, hard to find classic treats like Blue Pepsi, and so much more.

Locations: 6418 Main Street, Vancouver & 805 Thurlow Street, Vancouver

Ricardo’s Kandy Korner

kandy korner sweet treats

Photo: @ricardoskandykorner / Instagram

The shop boasts having the biggest candy store in the province, with an incredible selection to suit the taste buds of any candy lover. At Ricardo’s Kandy Korner, you’ll find everything from gummies, sour candies and PEZ to chocolate bars, slushies and hard-to-find cereals (including Cookies & Creme Krispies and Peeps).

Location: 14909 Marine Dr, White Rock

Avery Cafe Restaurant

bubble tea hot pot dessert

Photo: @fox_fu_ / Instagram

If you want to try something really different and are a bubble tea fan, try bubble tea hot pot. Yes, you read that right. Avery Cafe has created a trending dessert where people can customize their boba and share it with 2-4 people as you do hot pot. It can be served either hot or cold, and includes a ‘soup’ base (caramel milk, coconut milk, ginger milk or winter melon tea), with various toppings.

Location: 112-4751 Garden City Rd, Richmond


There is no possible way to round up all the best places to go for a sweet treats, but it’s fun to try different options every so often.

How many on the list have you taken your sweet tooth to visit? Want us to learn about one in your area, tag us on Instagram.


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