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This Richmond Cafe Offers The Ultimate Bubble Tea Hot Pot Dessert

bubble tea hot pot dessert

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Bubble tea has become one of the most popular drinks out there, with so many different flavours and toppings.

However, have you ever wanted a bit more? Perhaps an easier way to eat the pearls, doubling on the caramel pudding or maybe just adding a bit more variety in every bite?

Well you’re in luck, this Richmond restaurant has come up with a concept to serve it up hot pot style as a make your own sharable dessert.

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Bubble Tea Hot Pot is available at Avery Cafe Restaurant in Richmond. The concept was introduced in 2019, and since has gone viral, making it the must-try for all boba lovers.

The dessert can be served either hot or cold, and comes with a variety of options. This includes choosing the type of ‘soup’ base (caramel milk, coconut milk, ginger milk or winter melon tea), toppings (stuffed taro balls, grass jelly, pearls, ice-cream, etc.), and dipping sauce (chocolate, strawberry, mango, etc.).

The dessert is then served in a beautiful display with the tea and dipping sauces on the side. You can control how much tea to pour in, choose which delicious pearl to scoop out, and then enjoy accordingly.

Each pot is made to share between 2-4 people, and is available for only $25.99

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Aside from boba hot pot, the vibe is a something worth checking out as well. The café is set-up as a Victorian style high tea venue. But you don’t have to come dressed like a royal.

The cafe also serves a variety of delicious treats, from high tea and cake to classic Hong Kong café style hot meals.


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Bubble Tea Hot Pot Dessert

Where: Avery Cafe Restaurant, 112-4751 Garden City Rd, Richmond

Price: $25.99

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