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While We Fought The Snow, Alberta Made A 23-Ft Snowman With A Trackhoe

Vancouver Snowstorm 2020 British Columbia Alberta Snowman

Photo: Janet Sarvas / Facebook

When it comes to handling the snow, there is a contrast between British Columbia and Alberta.

That was nicely exemplified by a single video, shared to Twitter by CBC Radio’s Calgary Eyeopener:

Aside from the size, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill snowperson. “Frosty”, as he’s called, “is complete with a staircase, a small toboggan hill and a lookout point from the hat”, according to CTV News.

The Sarvas family, who live in Warburg, used a combination of cardboard, tarp, and chicken wire to complete Frosty’s look.

That’s right, somebody in Alberta built a house-size snowman, while over here in Vancouver, Britihs Columbia…we struggled. Hard.

Yes, there were people skiing on the streets, but there were also numerous cars helplessly sliding around, transit struggles, and for some reason a huge snowball fight was postponed due to too much snow.

You know who probably wouldn’t postpone a snowball fight because there was too much snow? Alberta. “When life gives you snow, you build a snowman”, they’d probably say.

Stay frosty, Vancouver.

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Vancouver Snowstorm 2020:


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