Man Shovels Snow With Lawn Chair, Sums Up Vancouver Amidst Snowstorm (VIDEO)

Vancouver Snowstorm 2020 Man Shovels Snow With Lawn Chair

As we’re sure you’re aware, Vancouver was hit with quite the snowstorm overnight, and one local man summed up the state of Vancouver quite succinctly.

That man, spotted by Vancouver-based actor and writer Kahlil Ashanti Tuesday afternoon, was shoveling the snow on his sidewalk…with a lawn chair.

Again, this was yesterday, before all the snow we got overnight. (More snow, as well as strong winds, are on the way.)

Little did this innocent man know that what he was experiencing was just the calm before the snow.

Pray for this man. #VancouverSnowstorm2020 is here. Pray for us all.

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Vancouver Snowstorm 2020

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