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6 TransLink Buses Get Stuck On The Same Road Within The Same Hour

6 TransLink Buses Stuck In Burnaby Edmonds Salisbury Avenue

Photo: u/_boobytrap / Reddit

Metro Vancouver has been hit with a decent amount of snow within the last week, and it’s been pretty hectic, as these six stranded TransLink buses have shown.

A photo posted to Reddit, by u/_boobytrap, on Monday showed quite an interesting scene on the intersection of Edmonds St. and Salisbury Ave. in Burnaby, on Sunday evening.

The photo shows not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six TransLink buses on the road, all seemingly stuck and stranded.

6 TransLink Buses Stuck Burnaby Edmonds & Salisbury
Photo: u/_boobytrap / Reddit

Three of the buses are heading in one direction, while the other three are going the other. (One is partially obscured by the treeline on the right side of the road.)

Presumably the buses got stuck due to a combination of slush and ice. According to the Reddit user who posted the photo, all the buses got stuck within the same hour.

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In early December, TransLink revealed multiple new initiatives as part of their Winter Preparedness Plan. One new thing on that list is “tire sock improvements”, which are are supposed to give buses more traction, and the “improvements” are supposed to improve the durability of the tire socks, which was a problem back in 2018.

Perhaps more improvements are needed.

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