Residents Spotted Snowboarding & Skiing Through East Vancouver Streets (VIDEO)

East Vancouver Snow

A group of East Vancouver residents are taking advantage of the snow days by hitting the slopes – right in their backyards.

The city received its first snowfall last week and it’s been piling up in Metro Vancouver since. And while it has wreaked havoc for drivers and transit users, some people are making the most of it.

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People are posting videos on YouTube, where they’re sliding down streets and alleyways near Boundary Road, as if its their own personal ski hill.

It appears in the video that there are no cars around to interrupt the fun.

But the City of Vancouver has confirmed there is a bylaw prohibiting sledding, skiing or skating on any street.

“The city discourages these kinds of activities due to the potential danger of cars losing control in icy and snowy conditions and potentially causing injury,” a spokesperson told CTV News in an email.

People can continue tobogganing in public parks on their snowy hills.

Vancouver is supposed to get more snow this week, after receiving a “special” warning about the coming snowfall.

Have you been partaking in the East Vancouver snow fun?

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