Truck Slides Backwards Down Hill In Vancouver, Hits Police Cruiser (VIDEO)

Vancouver Snowstorm 2020

Winter is clearly here in full force, in the form of a full-on snowstorm, and Vancouver is not doing so hot.

Case in point: this truck that was spotted sliding backwards down a hill, into a police cruiser.

In the video, shared to Twitter by Vancouver-based film producer Felix Kay, a blue truck is spotted sliding backwards down a hill, at a decent speed, and hitting a police cruiser that stops the truck’s slide.

Needless to say, a rough day for that driver may have gotten a little bit rougher.

It’s not just him/her, though. Social media is currently swamped with similar incidents, including one shared by Vancouver’s Worst Drivers, where a car (also blue) was spotted gliding over the snow-covered road.

Unfortunately for us, however, the worst may have yet to come. More snow, paired with strong winds, are expected tonight, according to Environment Canada.

May the Weather Gods have mercy on us all.

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Vancouver Snowstorm 2020:

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