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Vancouver Craigslist Ad Highlights The City’s Rough Housing Market

Vancouver Craigslist Housing

Photo: Brooke Glaszczak

Vancouver rains a bit too much, and the housing market is rough.

Those are two things probably every Vancouverite can agree on; it just comes with the territory. Literally.

We got really dire evidence of the latter recently, and it was all encapsulated in a 38-word Vancouver Craigslist ad.

The get-right-to-the-point title: “Set up a tent in your yard $150/Month.” 

“Just like the title says. I want to tent in your yard for $150/month. I wouldn’t need to bother you at all, I’d mainly use the tent for sleeping and be away the rest of the time”, the ad reads.

Talking to CTV News, the poster, identified as a 23-year-old named Connor, said: “This city has a very bad housing situation.”

Yes, Connor. Yes, it certainly does.

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Connor managed to find a place in New Westminster for $600 a month, but is still looking for a more economically-viable option. Hence, the ad, which he says had led to only one genuine offer.

“I tried finding campgrounds, actual legal permitted campgrounds, and they were oftentimes more than what I am paying for in rent – that’s just crazy,” he said.

Due to municipal zoning bylaws, it’s actually not legally-acceptable for you to just pick a plot of land and camp on it. (Squamish recently passed such a bylaw.) Unfortunately, that applies to property owners that allow this, too.

That being said, if you’d still like to help Connor out, you can reply to his Craigslist ad, here.

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