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Of The 10 Canadian Cities With The Highest Average Rent, 4 Are In B.C.

Canada Rent B.C.

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Rent in Vancouver is as expensive as you think it is.

In their July 2019 Canadian Rent Report, PadMapper found that of the ten Canadian cities with the highest average cost of rent, a whopping four are in British Columbia.

The top 10, based on the average cost of a one-bedroom rental, are:

Position City Average Cost of Rent/Month
1 Toronto, Ontario $2,290
2 Vancouver, B.C. $2,200
3 Burnaby, B.C. $1,570
4 Barrie, Ontario $1,450
5 Montreal, Quebec $1,430
6 Victoria, B.C. $1,390
7 Kelowna, B.C. $1,280
7 Kitchener, Ontario $1,280
9 Hamilton, Ontario $1,250
9 Ottawa, Ontario $1,250

An interesting notes: the disparity in the cost of rent per month between the city at the top of the list and the one at the bottom is close to double.

Another: the five cities at the top of the list have not changed in the last month, and the prices have remained relatively flat.

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