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12 Great Spots In Vancouver To Watch The Celebration Of Light Fireworks

10 Best Spots TVancouver Celebration Of Lights Fireworks

Photo: CoL Fireworks

Vancouver’s annual Celebration of Light is returning this Summer on July 22, 26 & 29. It’s usually one of the biggest events in Vancouver every year, and draws massive crowds.

So you’re going to need a cozy and comfortable spot to watch the fireworks from. Fortunately, we’ve found 12 great spots for you to soak up the fireworks.

Best Spots to Watch the Celebration of Light Fireworks

English Bay Beach

Honda Celebration of Light fireworks
Photo: Honda Celebration of Light / Facebook

This is the obvious location. However, English Bay Beach does offers the best view for the show. Arriving early is a must, it’s typical to find people arriving around noon to enjoy the beach and sticking around until 10:00 pm to catch the fireworks before they leave.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is situated right off of English Bay Beach. Although it isn’t as popular as English Bay, it still manages to pull in a solid crowd. That said, it’s easier to secure a spot here if you arrive late.

Second Beach

The beach will have a family-friendly zone and offers a partially obstructed view of the lower fireworks when it’s less crowded. It’s not the most ideal location but still one to consider.

Kitsilano Beach

The notorious Kitsilano Beach is located just west of Vanier Park and adjacent to English Bay. It offers a great atmosphere to catch the fireworks without actually having to go “downtown”. The beach tends to be crowded during the day, but people tend to take off for English Bay later in the day.

On a Boat

10 Best Spots To Watch Vancouver Celebration Of Lights Fireworks
Photo: Kenny Louie

If you’re looking for a whole new experience, rent a boat! A lot of boat companies downtown also offer fireworks-viewing packages. The boats range from small 4 to 5-seaters to party boats.

Burrard Bridge

This is hands down one of the most convenient spots to watch the fireworks display. The location is increasing in popularity and offers a better view then you’d expect. The closer you are to the center of the north bridge facing English Bay, the better the view. Following the fireworks, it’s easy to avoid the downtown rush.

Granville Bridge

Right next to the Burrard Bridge is the Granville Bridge. The distance is a little further, but you can still score a prime view of the fireworks from the center of the north bridge facing English Bay. It’s also a convenient location for those planning on soaking in Granville’s nightlife after the show.

Waterfront Hotels

10 Best Spots To Watch Vancouver Celebration Of Lights Fireworks
Photo: colink

There are also a few hotels located right on Beach Ave (English Bay), and along the waterfront areas in Kitsilano, that serve as great viewpoints. The hotels are perfect for someone looking to create a more intimate experience, or to just avoid crowds and people in general.

Vanier Park

Vanier Park is located right across the waters from English Bay. It offers a perfect view and makes a great area to comfortably picnic. The park draws large crowds, but is a good choice for those wanting to avoid all the downtown traffic.

Dundarave Pier in West Vancouver

Situated in West Vancouver, the Dundarave Pier is another great viewing point, especially for families as it’s rather quiet compared to other locations.

Rooftop Patio

There aren’t too many around the water area in English Bay and Kits, but they’re out there! The second floor patio at Cactus Club on English Bay and the rooftop on the Boathouse in Kitsilano Beach make excellent spots.

English Bay Grandstand

celebration of light fireworks
Photo: Honda Celebration of Light Observation Deck/Facebook

While this option does require a fee to reserve the spot, it does allow you to avoid crowds and have a designated seat for the show.

Red Bull Airshow

Along with the fireworks, the Red Bull Air Show with Pete McLeod is back at English Bay for three thrilling nights as part of the Honda Celebration of Light.

The show starts prior to the fireworks at 7:40 pm each night with an exhilarating aerobatics performance, with mind-blowing tricks, free-fall dives, high-speed maneuvers, flips, and spins that will leave you in awe.

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