Despite Travel Ban, Thousands of American Tourists Are Trying To Enter Canada

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Despite the travel ban between Canada and the U.S., thousands of American tourists have still been trying to enter Canada.

Canadian border agents have turned away 7,639 tourists between March 22-June 16th.


About 87% of the tourists were American and many have been trying to visit for non-essential purposes. Of that number, 827 Americans were trying to visit for recreational purposes. While 418 were coming for non-essential shopping.

There were 1,024 travellers from other countries, but the Canada Border Services Agency did not specify where they were from.

Of those 1,024 non-American travellers, 226 were coming to Canada for tourism.

Meanwhile, 100 were declined for recreation and 62 had come for non-essential shopping.

The Canada-U.S. border has been closed to non-essential travel since March 20th. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the border closure would see another extension until July 21st. However, many Canadians would like to see it extended even longer.

Reopening the border anytime soon also has health officials concerned.

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