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It’s So Cold That This Fountain Outside Richmond’s Casino Is Now Frozen

frozen fountain river rock casino richmond

Photo: @dragonfly666797 / Twitter

A winter storm has brought arctic air and record-breaking cold to British Columbia that will likely linger throughout the week across Metro Vancouver with another 10 cm of snow in the forecast.

It’s so cold that chunks of ice have been spotted flowing down the Fraser River, and locals are literally skating on ponds in Surrey, and playing hockey on lakes in North Vancouver.

Meanwhile in Richmond, the frigid temperatures have left behind an ice sculpture by freezing the fountain that sits outside the River Rock Casino.

Photos of the frozen fountain were shared to Twitter by @dragonfly666797:

While some water continues to flow through, the majority is frozen with icicles stuck to the water feature.

Elsewhere in Richmond, sights are equally cold but a little calmer:


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