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This North Van Lake Has Frozen Over and People Are Playing Hockey

rice lake frozen skating hockey

Photo: @alexis.barbot / Instagram

Editor’s Note: The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is warning that although some lakes/ponds seem thick enough to walk on, it is not be safe and to refrain from going out on ice or letting pets do so.

It’s no surprise that in the rare occurrence that a lake is frozen in Metro Vancouver, people want to go skating.

With the arctic wind chill taking over this past week, some ponds and lakes have completely froze over, making it look exactly like an amazing outdoor skating rink.

Although the ice at most places in the city are still too thin, this frozen lake up in the mountains by North Vancouver have quickly become a popular spot for local residents.



Rice Lake is normally a vibrant and lush area that you can go for walks around. However this winter, people are actually going right on top of it.

Over the past few days, locals are seen bringing out their hockey gear, nets, skates and having some fun. With many others just going to check out the beautiful scenery.

Take A Look at the Frozen Lake


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Although the lake is supporting the weight of multiple people at the moment, as always, it recommended to be safe and careful before stepping out on bodies of water that may appear frozen.


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