Arctic Outflow Warning Calls For Snow and Freezing Rain in Metro Vancouver

Fraser Valley / Vancouver Weather

An arctic outflow warning is currently in effect for parts of British Columbia where wind chill values of minus 20 are expected to persist inland until at least Wednesday afternoon.

Environment Canada reports a cold air mass is expected to settle over the south coast on Tuesday, giving strong arctic outflow to parts of Metro Vancouver, and east Fraser Valley.

As a result, these regions may experience snow and freezing rain.

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Whistler and Howe Sound are also facing wind chill values in the minus 15 to minus 20 range which will slightly moderate in the afternoon and develop again overnight and through Thursday morning.

The forecast also predicts storms along parts of the Coquihalla Highway, the Okanagan Connector, Highway 3 and Trans-Canada from Eagle Pass to Rogers Pass.

“Any outdoor activity exposes you to an increased risk of frostbite. If outside, dress warmly in layers and stay dry. Cover as much exposed skin as possible to avoid frostbite. Be aware of the potential for falling branches or power lines.”

Arctic outflow warnings are issued when bitterly cold air flows from the interior to coastal communities and the outflow winds create wind chill values of -20 or less for 6 hours or more.


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