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A Pond in Surrey Froze Over and People Went Skating

frozen pond skating surrey

Photo: @randymannhomes / TikTok

Editor’s Note: The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is warning that although some lakes/ponds seem thick enough, it not be safe and to refrain from going out on ice or letting pets do so.

With frigid temperatures hitting record lows throughout the province, there’s no better way to keep warm than to enjoy some outdoor activities.

From playing in the snow and tubbing down hills to the most magical activity of all: skating outdoors on a naturally frozen body of water.

Surrey residences were happy to experience this over the weekend, as a frozen pond became a natural skating rink. This made for a scenic skate day out of the movies.

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Although most lakes in Metro Vancouver have yet to freeze over, there are a few smaller bodies of water that have have turned into ice.

This little Surrey gem is referred to as the ‘Ducks Unlimited Pond’. It’s located off King George Highway, past Highway 10 towards South Surrey.

With a slight bend in the water, it makes for a perfect skate rink.

Residents quickly took out their skates, hockey sticks, helmets and had a good ol’ fashioned winter skate day.

@randymannhomes Frozen Pond in Surrey BC #foryoupage #tiktokviral #viral #trending #frozen #pondhockey ♬ Baby, It’s Cold Outside (feat. Meghan Trainor) – Brett Eldredge

If you are headed out to skate on natural ponds, just be sure the ponds are frozen right through and you have someone with you to prevent serious injury.


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