Amid The Pandemic, Would You Tip Frontline Staff At Grocery or Retail Stores?

tip retail / grocery stores

As the pandemic continues, essential workers continue to put themselves on the line to ring in our groceries.

The federal government recently announced a raise for frontline employees, but some have suggested more ways we can show our thanks.

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Just as we tip our waiters and baristas, Canadians have suggested tipping our cashiers as well.

There have been several cases of employees in Vancouver grocery and retail stores contracting COVID-19, despite measures put in place.

Stores have added plexiglass barriers, sanitization stations and temperature checks, while some insist both employees and customers wear masks. But for many workers, that hasn’t been enough.

Vancouverites have joined the rest of the world in thanking our frontline medical workers through applause each night, along with many complimentary services. As nice as that is, is it time to extend our appreciation?

So, would you tip essential workers during your next grocery store or retail visit?

Sound off in the comments below!

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