Should All Grocery Stores Start Offering Temperature Checks At The Door?

T&T Supermarket testing

Grocery shopping during the pandemic can be nerve-wracking, but T&T Supermarket is doing its part to ease the stress.

The grocery store recently began scanning customers’ temperatures before they enter, so anyone with a fever may be turned away.

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“To protect the health and safety of our customers and employees, T&T stores are starting to provide temperature check service,” an online statement reads.

The testing began at a Surrey location April 9th, but moved to most other locations, as of Monday. It is done with an infrared thermometer that can be used “at a safe distance with no physical contact,” T&T CEO Tina Lee said to CBC News.  

The results as to how it has affected T&T has not yet been released, but provincial health minister Dr. Bonnie Henry said it’s not “particularly helpful.”

“We know with this virus, people can have very mild symptoms — about two-thirds of people to three-quarters have a fever at some point, but not having a fever doesn’t mean you’re necessarily safe,” she said.

Testing at the supermarket is also a voluntary service, so people can deny getting it before entering the store.

Other measures stores have put in place include plexiglass between customers and employees, as well as ensuring customers distance themselves from others.

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