Discover The Ultimate Lazy Rivers For Tubing In BC This Summer

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Lazy Rivers

British Columbia is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire world; however, lazy rivers truly make for the most magical summer experiences.

Indeed, these flowing currents allow for optimal relaxation with friends in the great outdoors. What’s more, many of the most epic waterways are located in some of the most beautiful settings in the province.

So, grab your colourful floatie, a smile, and head to one of these incredible rivers for an afternoon of fun-filled drifting!

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BC’s Best Lazy Rivers

Cowichan River

Not only is the Cowichan Valley beautiful, but it also enjoys the warmest weather in the country. As such, riding down the Cowichan River on a sunny day is pure bliss. What’s more, the waters are crystal clear water, and the journey takes you an epic 2.5 hour down stream. And, you can even rent inner-tubes at The Tube Shack if you don’t bring a floatie of your own!

In addition, the Kinsol Trestle bridge is located in the region. As the world’s tallest timber trestle, it positively stuns with awe-inspiring height and a spell-binding latticework design as it soars over the river.

Shuswap River

The Okanagan is one of BC’s ideal vacation destinations, and experiences a great deal of warm, sunny weather. The Shuswap River offers a relatively gentle tubing experience as the currents are not strong. As such, the surrounding area is also ideal for swimming. In fact, some even use stand-up paddleboards and kayaks. With that being said, the current will vary depending on the time of year, making it deeper and faster respectively.

Penticton River Channel

Created in the 1950’s to control flooding, the Penticton River Channel offers visitors the ideal drifting experience. For one, its located in a beautiful, sunny reason that boasts myriad activities. In fact, its said to have the highest concentration of wineries in the province. So, after a full day of river fun, you can head to one to the vineyards to taste the tasty grape varietals. In addition, the river channel is four miles long, and filled with fish!

Capilano River

This 2 hour tubing trail will start in North Vancouver and finish in West Vancouver. In addition, it provides visitors with a serene drift downstream. For one, the aquamarine waters are absolutely beautiful, even if they are a bit rocky.

Slocan River

With over 3 hours of drifting adventure, this beautiful waterway makes the perfect retreat on a hot say. As a playground for water activities galore, you’ll see a multitude of smiling faces as you drift down this beautiful lazy river. With that being said, this mostly serene spot has a few hazardous spots. As such, its always prudent to carry a paddle in case you get stuck along the way or need to avoid a particular spot.

Similkameen River

While forming a conga line is sort of funny at a party, forming one on a lazy river is especially fun. And, the Similkameen River provides an ideal landscape to form a solid party line with your squad. Ending in the Okanagan River, this pristine waterway offers warm weather and blue skies on most days.

Davidson’s Pool

Located in Maple Ridge, Davidson’s Pool is located at the end of your tubing journey. Start at the Upper Maple Ridge Park river, and cruise on down to this fun swimming hole. The ride down isn’t especially long, but the swimming hole provides hours of fun. Its an extremely refreshing and beautiful oasis on a hot summer day!

Thompson River

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The lazy river ride starts at the Valleyview boat launch in Kamloops, and lasts for about 4 hours. As such, you’ll enjoy hot weather, and scenic views the whole drift long. Further, it is a relatively calm float, so you don’t have to worry about falling out of your tube!

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