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Creative Consumer Turns TransLink Mini Compass Cards Into Earrings

TransLink Mini Compass Cards Earrings

Screencap: @smarieannachu / Reddit

We’re sure you heard about the new mini Compass Cards, aka “Compass Minis“, TransLink released late last week, but did you know that they can also double as earrings?

The Compass Minis went on sale last Friday. As you might expect, there were long lines and the petite little cards were sold out before the end of the day.

And in yet another example of consumers getting creative, a woman who got her hands on the mini Compass Cards (2, to be specific) turned them into earrings, and shared the new look on Reddit:

Got my hands on the hottest accessory drop of the season
by u/smarieannachu in vancouver

Part of the sales pitch with these Compass Minis was that you could put them on a keychain, so turning them into earrings is not that far of stretch. Nonetheless, kudos for the creativity.

Our question: When you’re walking into a SkyTrain station, or getting on a bus, do you take these earrings off to tap them or do you curtsy?

In more serious TransLink-related news, a SkyTrain service shutdown was averted after an agreement was reached around 5:00 am, a shutdown that had many thinking about whether SkyTrain services should be designated as an essential service.

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