Racial Discrimination Affects This Ethnic Group The Most In BC, New Poll Finds

BC Racial Discrimination

Despite Canada’s reputation, racial discrimination unfortunately does exist in our nation, and that includes BC.

In a new poll by Research Co., 69% of respondents, who identified as non-European residents of BC, said that they have experienced a small, moderate, or significant amount of racial discrimination.

Of the 69%, 36% experienced a small amount, 22% experience a moderate amount, and 11% experienced a significant amount. 22% said they have felt no racial discrimination, and 8% were not sure. (Research Co. also does polls on less serious subjects, like whether or not Canadians believe pineapples belong on pizza.)

This general trend remained consistent across genders, with 72% of males and 65% of females experiencing racial discrimination.

Across age demographics, racial discrimination was experienced the least by those over 55 (55%). Conversely, those between the age of 18 and 34 experienced the most (74%).

Which brings us to ethnicity demographics.

82% of respondents who identified as Aboriginal or First Nation said they have experienced racial discrimination. Similarly, 79% of South-Asians, 78% of East-Asians, and 55% of Southeast-Asians said they have experienced racial discrimination in British Columbia.

But what does that racial discrimination look like?

Racial Discrimination In BC

Furthermore, in addition to the amount of racial discrimination, the Research Co. poll also looked at the types of racial discrimination.

Those types include poor customer service, verbal harassment, violent physical harassment, racist jokes, racially-charged mocking, unfair workplace treatment, loss of employment opportunity, denial of facilities, denial of goods/services, as well as exclusion at work and exclusion at school.

Across ethnic demographics, those who identified as Aboriginal / First Nation were subjected to the most poor customer service (36%), verbal harassment (46%), racist jokes (36%), racially-charged mocking (36%), unfair workplace treatment (35%), denial of services (18%), exclusion at work (14%), and violent physical harassment (14%).

East Asians came in second in most of these categories, while South Asian and Southeast Asians trailed.

The most alarming number, however, is actually the smallest number in that aforementioned list. While 14% of Aboriginal / First Nation respondents experienced racially-charged violence or physical harassment, that number is more than what East Asians (4%), South Asians (5%), and Southeast Asians (3%) experienced, combined.

So while the most-recent high profile case of racism was verbal harassment targeted at an East Asian family, it’s the Aboriginal / First Nation community that feels racial discrimination the most.

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