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A Vancouver Woman Threw Her Backpack At a Teen Girl For Not Speaking English

hate crime incident on a TransLink bus

Photo: @laurby / Twitter

On Sunday evening, a disturbing assault that’s being treated as a hate crime took place on a TransLink bus.

A video of the incident shows a woman on the 95 B-line yelling at a group of teenagers for apparently not speaking English.


The woman apparently threatened to pull the teen girl by her hair and off the bus. Not to mention, when the woman was preparing to get off at her bus stop, she hit the teen in the face with her backpack as she exited, in a manner that rules it out as anything other than intentional.

Below is a video of the incident included in a Twitter thread that has picture of the assault suspect as well.

WARNING: This video contains content and coarse language that some viewers may find disturbing

Metro Vancouver Transit Police are currently investigating this incident.

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