Woman Drives Her Car Down Stairs At Downtown Vancouver Hotel (VIDEO)

Sheraton Wall Centre

Here’s something you don’t see all the time, or for that matter ever. On Friday morning, July 19th, a woman somehow drove her car down a flight of stairs at Sheraton Wall Centre.

The video was captured by Ian Lampman who was working in downtown Vancouver when the incident occurred.


After the woman drove down the first couple of steps, she stopped her car as she prepared for what to do next. The driver then proceeded to open her door and screamed to someone walking by “I can’t see”.

With you other choice, the female driver continued to drive her car down the stairs, while scratching the bottom of her vehicle.

Fortunately, she got her SUV down the stairs and back onto the road where it should be driven.

Below is the video of the incident:

Vancouver Police were made aware of this incident at the Sheraton Wall Centre and are looking into it.

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