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Racist, Anti-Chinese Graffiti Found In Metro Vancouver Community (PHOTO)

Anti-Chinese Graffiti

As we’ve seen time after time, racism does exist in Vancouver and recent anti-Chinese graffiti found in Richmond speaks to that.

A photo uploaded to Facebook shows racist graffiti on a bench in Ironwood.

The graffiti says “Kill All Chinks In Hong Kong”.

The photo of the anti-Chinese graffiti has received over 30 comments in less than one day.

“Regular occurrence in today’s Richmond” commented one Facebook user, while another person commented “Yikes!! Definitely give the city a call”.

Just last month, a video made its way across social media that shows a woman in the parking lot outside the Richlea Square Shopping Centre yelling at a family over a parking dispute.

“You don’t know a damn thing, go back to China where you belong,” says the driver, a Caucasian woman.

Since the incident, the woman who identified herself as Carla Waldman, has been bombarded with nasty and vile comments online.


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