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The Amazing Brentwood Mall Food Court Opening With 19 Options + a Pub

tables amazing brentwood mall

Photo: The Amazing Brentwood

A stylish food court has officially opened up in The Amazing Brentwood Mall, and it truly is one to check out.

The name of the food court is named “Tables.” It is a trendy 780-seat dining area that doesn’t look quite like your typical food court. There is a modern-day edge, a lot of light, and floor-to-ceiling windows, giving this space a lot of natural beauty.

What’s more is that Tables will even have its own pub.


Introducing Tables At The Amazing Brentwood Mall

Within the food court itself, most of the tables have electrical outlets for people to plug in their devices. The overall look of the place may make you feel you like you are at a restaurant vs. a food court.

The designers wanted to provide a “wow” factor. So the typical cafeteria look doesn’t apply at Tables.

There are even elements of greenery, with boxed planters to create some privacy for diners. Plus there is a large outdoor area for people to dine outside.

Restaurants at Tables

Within Tables, there are currently 9 restaurants open with 10 more opening soon, making it 19 in total.

The restaurants include: Chef Hung Taiwanese noodles, Soon Coffee, Kaneko Hannosuke, Saboten Japanese Cutlet, Bubble Waffle Café, Bona Fide Chinese barbecue and Japadog.

The pub at Tables has yet to open but it will be something never done before. Nat’s Kitchen and Public House is a new concept by White Spot, its pub will be directly accessible from the rest of the food court.

Take A Look Inside

tables amazing brentwood
Photo: @tinachinpics / Instagram
amazing brentwood food court
Photo: @glowglow8 / Instagram
amazing brentwood food court
Photo: @my_foodcrush_yvr / Instagram
food court amazing brentwood
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amazing brentwood picnic tables
Photo: @thegreatcanadianpicnictable / Instagram

Along with the pub, there is also a highly anticipated Cineplex’s Rec Room entertainment centre that is set to open later this year.

With all these new excitement businesses opening, the mall will definitely be the go to place for entertainment in the future.

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