The White Rock Pier Before and After It Was Destroyed (PHOTOS)

White Rock Pier

The images of the White Rock Pier being split in half back in December are still fresh in the minds of many.

Photos and videos like these bring up a lot of emotions:

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The 👁 of the storm #whiterock

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This photo looks like something out of a movie:

After months of repairs and planning, the White Rock Pier re-opened to the public on Tuesday, August 27th. After the storm that originally destroyed the Pier, it was evident that upgrades were necessary.

Some upgrades include “additional rebar, the addition of a concrete additive to increase longevity of concrete, additional timber repairs, pressure washing the Pier, and temporary infrastructure to protect the conduits under the north end of the Pier.”

Without further ado, here is the new and improved White Rock Pier:

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#whiterock #surrey #vancouver #britishcolumbia #canada

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A visit to White Rock and the beautiful pier might just be the perfect way to bring summer to a lovely end.

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