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The White Rock Pier Won’t Re-Open Until The Latter Part Of August

White Rock Pier

Photo: @psymediumleanda / Twitter

White Rock Mayor Darryl Walker has issued an update on the repairs that need to be done on the White Rock Pier and when it’ll likely reopen.

The White Rock Pier was torn apart during the windstorm of December 20th, which caused a large section of the pier to collapse.

In a statement, Mayor Walker said that a new pier would likely cost over $5 million and would open in the latter part of August.




The government hopes to have the Promenade from the Pier to the White Rock open by mid-to late February.

“There are still boats jammed underneath the pilings of the pier, making it dangerous to be anywhere near the pier and the shoreline there. These are large vessels that could move at anytime and cause damage. Please understand that things are still not safe around the pier and as long as the barricades are there”.

Walker also confirmed that the municipal government has insurance for the pier, but it remains unclear how much compensation will be given by the insurance company. In addition, the city is looking to both provincial and federal grants to offset repair costs.

Bad News For Local Businesses

The timeline given for the White Rock Pier to be reopened by is not something local businesses wanted to hear.

Peak summer season sees massive crowds come down to the Marine Drive retail strip, but with the pier being closed till August, foot traffic might decrease.

Efforts will be made by the City of White Rock to work with local restaurants and shops to ensure their businesses remain successful.


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