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Washington Just Approved $150 Million To Plan Vancouver-Seattle High-Speed Rail

Pacific Northwest High-Speed train / high-speed rail

Photo: Fikri Rasyid

West Coast Canadians and Americans are now over a hundred million dollars closer to high-speed rail travel between the two countries. 

Both Democratic and Republican Washington State legislators approved spending $150 million USD on a train that travels 250 miles per hour from Vancouver to Portland. 

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As a result, Vancouverites would be able to travel to Seattle in an hour. 

Currently, this is a goal led by the Washington State government. B.C. has funded planning for high speed rail in the past, but has yet to commit funding at this time. 

That amount of money won’t buy a train however. The $150 million is for advanced planning. If successful, the entire project is estimated to cost at least $24 billion USD in total, and it wouldn’t be complete until 2035.


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