Superspeed Hyperloop Trains Could Soon Connect West Coast Cities

Pacific Northwest High-Speed train / high-speed rail

Travelling at light speed, yes please. 

In 2020, The Framework for the Future report laid out ideas for a high-speed train, with magnetic levitation. The very futuristic rail can travel 250 miles per hour. This means that between each metro area, Portland to Seattle and Seattle to Vancouver, BC, you could travel in less than 1 hour. 

The estimated cost for the rail is between $24 billion to $42 billion.

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All Aboard or Not?

There are a number of people that support the creation of a high-speed train. It’s thought that it could help rebuild economies in post-COVID-19. In Metro Vancouver alone, they have proposed four potential stops.

Microsoft had supported the project from the get-go, and even contributed funding for the study.

While others were opposed to the idea. Analysts at Washington Policy Center said that it didn’t take into account failings from other high-speed train projects, such as in California.

As well, there will be issues to deal with regarding: environmental clearances, land acquisition and funding strategies.

All of the above requires more discussion and a defined plan for construction and development.

When Will The High-Speed Train Be Real?

Currently the topic is a open discussion and a game of “wait and see.” The groundwork has been done and laid out for the government officials.

So all we can do now is wait and see if they green light the project and move it forward. The high-speed train will be an International project which needs more than a few approvals. 

It would be neat to ponder futuristic travel in the meantime.


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