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10 Remarkable Viewpoints Near Vancouver You Need To Soak in At Least Once

Photo: MarkDonovanVancouver / Flickr

While there are a countless number of lovely places to visit in British Columbia, there are a few viewpoints that offer truly mesmerizing perspective.

Our mountainous province is home to some of the best vantage points on planet Earth: with sprawling panoramas that feature forests, the ocean, and a sprawling urban oasis, it is a sight to behold.

Check out our list of the some of the most amazing sites to soak in across the 604.

Viewpoints Near Vancouver


Prospect Point

Photo: atlastreq / Instagram

Located in Stanley Park, this beautiful spot has offers incredible panoramic views of the bay. Overlooking the North Shore mountains, the Burrard Inlet, and the Lions Gate Bridge, the affair is a feast for the eyes.

Stawamus Chief

viewpointsWhile it may be a doozy if you’re afraid of heights, the viewpoints from the top of the chief is sublime. The hike to its peak isn’t easy, but the trip is worth every step. The mountain-top perspective is awe-inspiring to say the least. And while a sunset is magnificent here, you won’t want to sit through one as it is nearly impossible to hike down the mountain in the dark.

Sea-To-Sky Gondola

viewpointsLocated in Squamish, this breathtaking experience will afford you some of the incredible views in the province. For those that aren’t into hiking up mountains, this is a much more relaxing endeavor. In addition, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous scene below.


The Fairmont Waterfront

Photo: The Fairmont Waterfront / Facebook

If you are able to nab a corner view room, the floor-to-ceiling windows will dazzle you with spectacular views of the harbour. Moreover, you’ll be in your own private room, and it will make your viewing experience all the more magical. All some champagne, candles, and rose petals, and you have a near perfect date!

Top Of Vancouver: Vancouver Lookout

Photo: TOTORORO.RORO / 604 Now Flickr Pool

There’s a good meal, and then there’s a decadent meal with an incredible view. This stunning location has both.

The Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant is the perfect place to have a date, celebration, or simply take in a breath-taking view of the Vancouver skyline. With an unobstructed view of the city, this vantage point makes for an ideal viewing point of the urban oasis below.

Burnaby Mountain

viewpoints near vancouver
Photo: Patrick Lundgren / 604 Now Flickr Pool

Simon Fraser University students and faculty see the view from the top of Burnaby Mountain frequently, but they are still impressed by the beauty of this look-out spot.

Everyone’s first time “up the hill” is magical, if you go to the spot that overlooks the city. It is a truly beautiful spot to gaze out from, and it looks lovely at any time of day.

Grouse Mountain

Photo: Mark Donovan / 604 Now Flickr Pool

Although most of British Columbia’s mountains are gorgeous, Grouse has its own unique charm. Many people hike the Grouse Ground to take in this majestic viewpoint, or catch it via the gondola service to a higher elevation. 

The mountain resort was recently sold after being owned by the same family for decades. While people feared that the atmosphere would change, the new owners plan to keep the resort the same.

Joffre Lakes

joffres lakes - viewpoints near vancouver
Photo: Greg Thomas / 604 Now Flickr Pool

The main draw to this hike is the view of its three lakes; however, there are also views of cascading waterfalls, lush forest, snow-capped mountains, adorable forest critters and much more!

With this in mind, the lakes are still the main feature of this enchanting place. With their stunning turquoise-hue, they are the main exhibit in countless posts on Instagram. The views here never disappoint, and are even glorious in winter.

There are also points throughout the trail that are privy to a cascading panorama of the mountains below. It is a truly enchanting way to view BC’s wilderness firsthand.  

Seaplane From Vancouver

viewpoints near vancouver
Photo: Chris Bruno / Facebook

There are many beautiful places to sit and observe Vancouver’s beauty, but there isn’t anything quite like seeing it high above.

The seaplane will provide unparalleled angles of this beautiful port-city, as well as make for an exciting adventure.


Cypress Mountain Highview Lookout 

viewpoints near vancouver
Photo: Spencer Finlay / Flickr

This lookout is one of the best locations for getting a panoramic view of the lower mainland. Located just off the road up to Cypress Mountain Resort in West Vancouver, the lookout provides exquisite views across the Georgia Straight to Vancouver Island. While it is glorious to catch the view in the summer at sunset, autumn viewing reveals unparalleled artistry. Sometimes, the cascading panorama is covered in fog, with only a few landmarks piercing through the mists.

What are your favourite viewpoints near Vancouver? Share with us in the comments below!

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