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Has Joffre Lakes Ever Looked More Magical Than It Does Now?

Joffre Lakes

Photo: Greg Thomas / 604 Now Flickr Pool

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park Hike has some one of the most Instagramable views in all of British Columbia.

Located past Whistler near Pemberton, there are three lakes in total on this enchanting hike: upper, middle, and lower. Each of the lakes offers a pristine view of turquoise, glacier fed water surrounded by soaring mountain ranges and an endless sea of trees.



While the lakes are exquisite at any time of year, the winter season makes everything look positively magical.

This hike gets an Ey+ from me 🇨🇦 #canaduh #peaking #vchill #punsareaslipperyslope #whistler #bc

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Joffre Lakes In The Winter

When the towering mountains are capped in snow and the trees lightly dusted with white, the entire park transforms into a winter wonderland. The air is markedly fresh and crisp, perfumed with the scent of the pristine forest and glacier fed lakes.

Stunning snowy hikes in Joffre Lakes.

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While the lakes do freeze over in winter, the park becomes a popular destination for snowshoers, skiers, and snowboarders alike. These winter activities usually occur between November and May depending on snowfall.

Calm hike along with the first snow of the year 🌨 #britishcolumbia #canada #joffrelakeshike

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Please be aware that although the trail is heavily marked, it may be easy to lose track of the trail, especially when it becomes darker and there is more snowfall. Always exercise caution when using the park in the winter.


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