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Vancouver Man Hikes Grouse Grind 17 Times; Breaks Single Day Record

Grouse Grind

Photo: Grouse Grind / Facebook

Some people get around to doing the Grouse Grind maybe once a year. Others like to take it to the extreme.

Ian Robertson set a new record at Grouse Mountain on June 20. He climbed the gruelling Grind 17 times in a 19 hour period. Best of all it, he did it for charity.

Last year, Robertson set a record of completing 16 hikes on the Grouse Grind in one day.

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Grouse Grind
Photo: Grouse Grind / Facebook

Robertson’s achievement comes from the Suunto Multi-Grouse Grind Challenge which tests 45 competitors on the 2.9 kilometre trail to see how many times they can hike Mother Nature’s Stairmaster in a single day.

Organizers raised $22,000 at this year’s event for B.C. Children’s Hospital.

The Grind for Kids program began in 2010 and since then, $1 million has been raised.

Not to mention, the 45 participants hiked a collective 434 Grouse Grinds.

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