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Vancouver Might Get Direct Seaplane Flights To Seattle Next Year

British Columbia

Photo: BriYYZ / Flickr

Do you dread the lengthy trek across the border whenever you visit Seattle?

Harbour Air is proposing a viable alternative to the long drive many British Columbians face on their way down south.

As the city develops new plans for transportation, such as double decker buses and a car free Gastown, the new idea is heavily supported.

As early as 2018, the company is hoping work to alongside its U.S partner Kenmore Air to operate daily seaplane flights between Vancouver and downtown Seattle.

Seaplane Proposal

Canada Border Services Agency must approve the proposal first, but there is no doubt about the market for such an operation.

Harbour Air president Randy Wright informed CBC News that the company envisions four flights a day to start out. He noted that, “With Vancouver and Seattle, with the high tech business, there’s a lot going on back and forth between the two cities.”

As Vancouver grows its tech industry, having a direct flight to Seattle’s “silicon forest”, near Amazon’s headquarters and a future Google campus, will be extremely useful.

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