Gastown And Yaletown To Become Car-Free In Vancouver’s Green Plan


As a city that has set lofty environmental goals, Vancouver is looking into multiple ways to make its streets greener.

One of the easiest ways to limit the amount of traffic on the road, thereby lowering pollution from vehicles, is to make some of the city’s crowded districts car-free.

Some of the busiest, and most walkable areas in Vancouver include the historic district in Gastown, some parts of Yaletown, and the downtown core on Robson street.

Car-Free Zones In Vancouver

The city has already successfully closed down the 800 block on Robson Street, and so widening this area, or adding additional streets near it, seems natural. Potentially, they would close Robson to cars from its downtown area to the West End.


Gastown would be closed to traffic on Water Street from Carrall to Cordova. In Yaletown, pedestrian heavy streets like Mainland and Hamilton would become car-free.

As Vancouver attempts to become the world’s greenest city by 2020, the cites hopes turning these busy districts into car-free zones will help a great deal.

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