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Public Outcry For Signage After Two Young Men Drown In BC’s Harrison Lake

Harrison Lake

Photo: Gabriel Flinta / Flickr

One teenage boy and a young man tragically lost their lives in Harrison Lake after drowning on Sunday, September 3rd.

RCMP received a call that three people were in distress at the lake at around 6 p.m. on Sunday night. Bystanders were able to pull one of the swimmers to shore but were unable to rescue the other two.


The two were last spotted approximately 20 meters from the shore when they disappeared from view.

Global News reports that RCMP have recovered both bodies at this time but that the names of the deceased are not yet released. The boy was 19 years old and the young man was 24 years old. They were nephew and uncle, respectively.

Harrison Lake Dangers

While the cause of drowning is unknown, people have speculated that the men were not especially strong swimmers. In addition, experts say that glacier fed waters are extremely difficult to swim in because the deeper waters stay piercingly cold. The low temperatures shock the system, impeding a swimmer’s movability.

There has been notable public outcry over the lack of signage in the area. They say that there isn’t enough of an effort made to warn visitors of the level of danger in Harrison Lake. This isn’t the first death related to the glacial water undertow and extreme currents in this lake or lakes like it in the province.

RCMP are urging people to take extreme caution when swimming in lakes and oceans. They recommend using flotation devices and to know your limits.

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