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Massey Tunnel Replacement Bridge Project Officially Put On Hold

Massey tunnel

photo: TranBC / Flickr

The BC Government decided to put the Massey Tunnel Bridge Project on hold in order to decide what the ideal course of action in regard to the area’s immense traffic congestion.

The news comes after much back and forth debate between members of City Council and the community who are both for and against the project. The project stated that the construction of a 10-lane bridge to replace the George Massey Tunnel would ease the congestion by spreading out the commuters into multiple lanes.

Massey Tunnel Replacement Considerations

While there is little doubt that the tunnel needs to be replaced, Transportation Minister Claire Trevena argued that there needs to be further investigation into whether the 10-lane bridge is truly the best replacement for it.


The estimated cost of the Massey Tunnel Bridge Project is $3.5 billion, yet the NDP claim leaked documents put that figure closer to $12 billion.

The city is putting forth a technical review in order to determine what the best option will be. They will look into myriad factors, including cost, when determining the ideal solution.

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