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City Of Richmond To Urge Premier to Halt Massey Tunnel Bridge Project

Massey Tunnel

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As of last night, July 24th, the City of Richmond voted to urge the Premier to halt further production on the Massey Tunnel Bridge Project, which includes the relocation of the BC Hydro transmission lines.

A press release from the City of Richmond states that Mayor Malcolm Brodie said the following:

“Richmond City Council recognizes the urgent need to address traffic congestion around the Massey Tunnel, as it negatively impacts the region’s economy and quality of life for its residents,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “But the bridge project, as currently proposed, is not the best way to achieve these objectives. It’s absolutely critical to the future of our city that there be a re-examination of this project. It’s so important in so many different ways.”

The City Council debated a report that argued for the strengths of various alternative crossing improvement options, and also discussed the weaknesses of the proposed Massey Tunnel bridge project. The Council has decided to ask the Premier to consider twinning the existing tunnel as a way to help the traffic congestion that is currently plaguing the residents of Richmond.


Alternatives for Massey Tunnel Bridge Project

The alternatives fall into into two options. The first option involves retaining the existing tunnel and adding a 4-lane tunnel. The second also retains the existing tunnel but instead adds a 2-lane bus-HOV only tunnel.

A press release from the City Council meeting also stated the following:

Richmond has numerous concerns with the current proposal for a 10-lane bridge, as initiated by the previous Government of BC. This includes the scale of the combined infrastructure and the associated land use and agricultural impacts; and traffic impacts on local roads and at the Oak Street Bridge, The project is also not consistent with the Regional Growth Strategy or the Mayors’ Council Vision for Regional Transportation Investments.

Evidently, the City of Richmond is highly concerned about what the effects of the proposed 10-lane configuration would be. This highly contentious topic will require much further debate. 

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