Uber Takes City of Surrey Threat To Ticket Drivers $500 A Day To Supreme Court

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As the City of Surrey tries to push ride share companies out of the suburb, Uber is pushing back.

The company filed an injection with B.C. Supreme Court to stop Surrey authorities from ticketing drivers, a threat of $500 a day, according to CBC News.

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“Uber has filed for an injunction with the Supreme Court of British Columbia to stop the City of Surrey from issuing illegal tickets. The city’s actions are unfair to local residents who want to earn money and support their families. It is also unfair to those who need a safe, affordable and reliable ride,” stated the release.

Uber & Lyft Opposition from Surrey

This comes after the City of Surrey has given out 18 warnings to drivers entering the suburb. Mayor Doug McCallum has made it clear in comments that he’s against ride sharing.

“I’ll stand up for my citizens any day because they’re going to lose their jobs over this… There’s families they support,” McCallum said to CBC. “All of a sudden the government comes and lets [ride-hailing] companies come in with very few regulations — and certainly not the same as what governments have put on the taxi industry — and that’s not fair.”

Uber stated they will continue services in Surrey, and B.C.’s premier and the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure have both stated that municipalities don’t have the authority to prevent Uber an Lyft from operating.

Uber and Lyft services began in Metro Vancouver last week, after a months-long wait, and Mayor McCallum’s combative stance against ride-hailing is something he has vocalized repeatedly, including this past summer when Uber and Lyft first announced their intentions to operate in Vancouver.

“Our preference is to work collaboratively with municipalities, and we are doing so across the region,” said Uber in a press release.

“However, Uber must stand up when drivers and riders are being bullied and intimidated, especially when the province has confirmed drivers have the legal right to use Uber’s app, and to earn money driving with the app.”

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