Uber & Lyft Draw Mixed Reviews After First Weekend In Vancouver

Uber Lyft Vancouver

Vancouver just had its first weekend with ride-hailing after both Uber and Lyft were approved and began operations late last week, and so far opinions have varied.

The time that lapsed between Uber and Lyft officially receiving approval and their drivers actually hitting the road was quite impressive, but unfortunately that’s about when impressions peaked.

Some customers did have a cool start to their ride-hailing experience, however.

Unfortunately, however, it soon because somewhat obvious that both Uber and Lyft were still low on the key ingredient in their services: drivers. (Contrary to what Uber may argue, drivers are core to their business.)

Some who did manage to get a ride in Vancouver were not exactly satisfied, though, and others remain skeptical of Uber and Lyft in general.

It’s reasonable to expect that the launch of a new service will have some bumps and bruises, but Vancouver is one of the last major metropolitan cities to get Uber and Lyft so you’d think the two companies would’ve been more prepared.

Despite the fact that Uber’s reputation was in the gutter last Fall, the company’s confidence that they’d be able to launch by the end of 2019 gave many confidence that they’d show up in style.

If Uber and Lyft got an extra month to prepare and still weren’t able to get enough drivers in Vancouver, that may be a sign of things to come.

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