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21 Things You Must Do In British Columbia Before You Die

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Photo: Tourism Tofino

While there is plenty to do within Vancouver, there is also a bountiful variety of things to do throughout the province. Not only is it an insanely beautiful place to explore, but there are some amazing things to experience that won’t be found anywhere else on the planet.

So whether you are a resident of beautiful British Columbia or an excited tourist ready to explore, we have comprised a list of the top things you absolutely have to do in this spectacular province before your time runs out on planet Earth.

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Exploring British Columbia

Hike With Wolves

British Columbia
Photo: Northern Lights Wolf Centre / Facebook

No, that isn’t a typo. There is a hike in BC where you can enjoy a hike in the forest along a pack of pure-bred wolves.

Golden, BC is home to the Northern Lights Wolf Centre, which is a facility aimed at protecting wolves and educating people about the species. The wolves are bred in captivity, and certified wolf handlers are on site to accompany you on the wolf walk.

As a one-in-a-lifetime adventure, you’ll remember this walk forever, and it will provide for some very impressive photos to post online.


Surfing and Storm Watching in Tofino

British Columbia
Photo: Tourism Tofino

The trip out to tofino provide you with the opportunity to watch the forces of nature from the comfort of a lovely cabin or jump right into heart of the fury. 

Many people travel to Tofino to watch its storms, as the city’s location is the ideal place to watch mother nature in all her glory. Lightning, incredible windstorms, and bellowing thunder tear across this stunning coastline, and it makes for an impressive show.

For those feeling more adventurous, the area is also home to some incredible surfing. The wind creates some mammoth waves, and it is a coastal Canadian surfer paradise. Surfers are even able to enjoy the waves on Long Beach in the dead of winter, and waves can reach up to 25 feet!

Capilano Suspension Bridge

British Columbia
Photo: Ruby Huang/Flickr

Are you afraid of heights? Get over to the Capilano Suspension Bridge for an epic walk that will put your fears to bed.

While the bridge sways and wiggles dauntingly high above the forest floor, the act of crossing it is exhilaratingly satisfying. Also, the trip out to the bridge allows you to explore the beautiful wilderness around it, including the clifftop treetop walkway and cliffside bridges.

One warning: The bridge experience isn’t free. It will cost $42 to make the crossing, so don’t leave your wallet behind!

Ziplining in Whistler

British ColumbiaThere may be quite a few places to zipline in the world, but few are as breathtaking as the those in Whistler. It is absolute breathtaking: sky-high views of endless green trees and snow capped peaks.

A number of companies offer fun experiences, but a couple of the best are  Superfly Ziplines as well as Ziptrek Ecotours.

Snowboarding or Skiing In Whistler Blackcomb

visit Whistler
Photo: @yuanxizhou / Flickr

Whistler Blackcomb is considered one of the top ski and snowboard resorts in the world, and for good reason: It is breathtaking.

The runs on the mountain are available in all skill levels, so whether you’re a green snow bunny or a seasoned pro, there’s something for you. Whistler is also home beautiful spas, great nightlife, shopping and much more, so you’ll thoroughly enjoy your time spent in the resort.

Hike to Joffre Lakes

British Columbia
Photo: Morisawa81 / Flickr

Although they may appear too magical to be real, especially during the winter months, the photos flooding Instagram of Joffre Lakes are as good in person as on social media.

These dazzling lakes sparkle with a brilliant turquoise-hue throughout the year, and transform into a picturesque wonderland in the winter. Friendly birds will even pose right in the palm of your hand near the lower lake, and have you guessing if you are living out  a whimsical Disney feature.

Hiking during the warmer months is a must, and during the snowy season the park is open for snowshoeing, snowboarding, and skiing. The park is located near Pemberton outside of Whistler.

Vancouver Aquarium

British Columbia

The Vancouver Aquarium is a fascinating place of discovery. There’s something for everyone, of all ages. 

The aquarium’s tanks are well-maintained and the descriptions are very informative. The facility plays a vital role in protecting pacific coast wildlife and informing the youth about the importance of doing so.

Visit The Raptors

British Columbia

While they seem majestic soaring high up above, there’s nothing quite like seeing a bird of prey up close. Whether it’s a falcon, am eagle or an owl, these fascinating creatures are awe-inspiring up close.

Maybe it’s their size, their talons, their stately gaze, or perhaps it’s simply knowing that they are natural-born predators that makes them so captivating. Whatever it is, you’ll be mesmerized by these birds at this sanctuary in Duncan, BC. You’ll get a full tour of a variety of magnificent birds, and leave knowing how it feels to look at one some close.

Hike The Othello Tunnels

British Columbia
Photo: bastinaaron / Flickr

You could just keep hiking the boring trails close to home, or you could venture to Hope, BC and into the Othello Tunnels.

While the tunnels themselves are breathtaking, the hike around them is equally lovely. You’ll stroll through a pristine forest filled with tumbling waterfalls that cascade into crystal-clear creeks. Once you reach the tunnels you’ll be stopped to take one, two or maybe fifteen photos of this hauntingly beautiful structure.

Stawamus Chief Park Hike

British ColumbiaHiking may be a little bit daunting to some. If you don’t regularly exercise or walk around it may be rather challenging; however, the view at the top of this hike is beyond rewarding.

The Grouse Grind is a favourite among locals because it really gets your glutes in gear and your heart pumping. Also, there is beer at the end.

The chief is much more varied, however, and offers a little bit more of an exploratory journey. Also, the view at the end offers the complete “wow” factor. It truly is worth the sweat!

Sandstone Cave Exploring

British Columbia
Photo: @jamesstevensonphoto / Instagram

The network of sandstone caves on the western of side of Galiano are profoundly magical. They almost appear man-made, with smoothly sloping sides, and a stunning design of openings that become windows looking into and out of the formations.

The island itself is pristine, with abundant wildlife and a beautiful forest. You can view whales, spot deer, and bird watch from your viewing point in this otherworldly habitat.

The Enchanted Forest In Revelstoke

British Columbia
Photo: Enchanted Forest

If you haven’t visited this place yet – you must! While many places seem magical by virtue of their serene beauty, this adventure takes the alchemy to another level.

Elves, gnomes, and all kinds of fairytale creatures inhabit this wood, and people of all ages will appreciate the forest’s spell. The characters are brightly coloured and crafted with love and creativity. A must see!

Free Spirit Spheres

British Columbia
Photo: Free Spirit Spheres

Afraid of heights? How about sleeping in the sky?

The Free Spirit Spheres are located on Vancouver Island. They offer some quirky orbs as tree-houses that float amongst the forest canopy high above the forest floor. While it may sound anxiety inducing, they are very safe.

Looking like a gigantic seed or nut, you’ll feel at one with nature, as the orbs literally camouflage with the surrounding environment. In addition, you’ll get an incredible view from up high.

Eat a Japadog

British Columbia
Photo: Bianca C/Yelp

Any local Vancouverite will tell you the city is home to some of the best sushi in the world, but you may be surprised to find out that the hot dogs are also world-class.

Rather than competing with the traditional American or German offerings, Japadog delivers a delightful combo of both words. Some of the traditional dressings, flavours, and ingredients found in your favourite Japanese dishes will wind up right on your hot dog. It may seem a bit odd, but it is a smash sensation in the city.

Explore Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

British Columbia
Photo: Boris Kasimov / Flickr

Amongst a sprawling urban centre you will find a place that transports you into pure serenity. The Classical Chinese Garden in Chinatown is an absolutely lovely oasis; a tranquil hideaway amongst the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver.

Be sure to step by and see an exquisitely artistic green space and learn about some of the area’s history. You can even take a 45-minute tour to learn about the architecture and planning of the garden, as well as some fascinating history of China. As the first of its kind built outside of China, the garden is a fascinating historical landmark.

Walk Through Stanley Park

British Columbia
Photo: Lisa Nixon / 604 Now Flickr Pool

While it may seem like an obvious choice, if you haven’t spent a day getting lost in this world-class treasure you are definitely missing out.

Consistently voted one of, if not the best, parks in the world, it is a must see.

Vancouver Art Gallery

British Columbia
Photo: Rodefeld / Flickr

Vancouver’s art gallery is one of the finest in the world. A must-see for art lovers and explorers alike, the gallery holds an incredible variety of exhibits throughout the year.

In addition, this local gem always offers a way to explore some of the province’s natural world through permanent displays. It is a great way to understand the beauty of BC through the eyes of some of our most famous artists.

Whale Watching On Vancouver Island

British Columbia

There is whale watching in many places around the world, but there is something profoundly magical about seeing them from this beautiful place. In addition, you can see a bevy of other majestic wildlife, including bears, deer, birds, and more.

Eat Sushi – Almost Anywhere!

British ColumbiaWhile the Japadogs are great, the sushi may be even better in the city. There are endless options, and many streets in Vancouver have more than one sushi spot on them. For example, within roughly 10 blocks on Commercial Drive there are around 7 sushi eateries. With numbers like that, odds are in your favour.

With all the variety, some locations are choosing to stand-out with impressive presentation, creative new offerings, and pretty much every type of food evolution imaginable. There’s even sushi being served to you from a miniature bullet train in Richmond.

Vancouver Seaplane Tour

British Columbia
Photo: BriYYZ / Flickr

Vancouver is consistently voted one of the most livable cities in the world year after year. The city’s natural beauty is a big part of why it is so revered. From a breathtaking coastline, lush forests, and a sprawling urban oasis, it is amazing to explore.

One angle that is particularly spectacular is from up above. A seaplane tour offers the perfect viewpoint to see this beautiful place in all its glory.

A Rope Swing On A Magical Beach

British Columbia
Photo: @juliawyattt / Instagram

If you are looking for the perfect photo opportunity, look no further! This magical hike on Vancouver Island leads to a gorgeous rope swing right on the beach.


Is there anything we missed? Let us know what’s on your British Columbia bucket-list in the comments below!


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