Surrey RCMP Investigating Violent “Mob Attack” Involving Dozens of Men (VIDEO)

Surrey Mob Violence Attack Video

Surrey RCMP are investigating an incident of “mob violence” after an alarming video surfaced online Thursday night.

The incident is believed to have taken place at the Kwantlen Plaza strip mall, on 128th Street in Newton. Surrey RCMP believes the incident occurred on Monday, November 11th, around 2:30 am.

In the video, about a dozen men armed with blunt instruments enter a parking lot and begin swinging at a car that appears to be leaving, or just entering, the lot. The group then surrounds the vehicle, and after the driver exits his vehicle, they exchange words before several members of the group begin attacking him.

Here’s the video, shared to Twitter by Gurpreet S. Sahota.


In addition, the incident prompted a comment by Surrey mayor Doug McCallum.

“I am deeply concerned that this kind of mob violence is happening with alarming frequency”, he said. This behaviour is repugnant and puts the public at risk. It is imperative that RCMP take immediate and strong action to get a handle on this kind of mob violence that is occurring far too frequently in Surrey.”

Furthermore, a similar incident occurred this summer in Strawberry Hills, where a chaotic brawl involving dozens of men was captured on video, which Mayor McCallum made reference to.

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