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RCMP To Increase Presence After Chaotic 10+ Person Brawl In Surrey (Video)

Strawberry Hill Incident

Photo: @SN00PWORLD / Twitter

A chaotic brawl involving 10 or more people broke out in the parking lot outside Cineplex Cinemas Strawberry Hill in Surrey this past weekend.

A bystander in the area captured the latter portion of the incident.

Strawberry Hill Brawl

The footage shows several young adults pushing, punching, and kicking a man in a blue shirt.

A similar brawl is happening in the background, involving a larger group.

A driver who attempted to pass through that area of the parking lot was forced the back away.

The video:


Police were not immediately notified of the incident, which took place Saturday night, but have been made aware of it since.

RCMP Response

Surrey residents or people who frequent this shopping area recognize that this kind of incident is unfortunately common.

“This is an ongoing issue,” said Karen Reid Sidhu, Executive Director of the Surrey Crime Prevention Society.

Public drinking, dangerous driving, and harassment also often occurs in the area.

“We’ve witnessed young women being harassed when they go to the movie theatre, to the point where they break down in tears and don’t want to go back. In fact, one of my staff was harassed when she was there”, she added. Global News.

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Constable Richard Wright of the Surrey RCMP said that patrol officers are familiar with the “hotspot” and will be upping police presence in the area further.

“We understand there are community concerns regarding the behaviour in the video,” he said.

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